Monday, December 5, 2016

FBSHApost@2 December 2016: POEM #4/2016

The silence was so haunting 
Only the soft cold wind is listening 
The rustling sound of the grass blowing
Human beings void of caring
Without feelings 
Happy smiling watching
The killings and sufferings
Overpowering the meek and weak
Without sound to protest & speak
The sky and the earth mourn
The guns and the knives pierced the victims
These intoxicated the thirsty
As the blood splashed
Proud the beast think it is victory
When it is the corruption of mind & body
Without shame hate & vengeance can be
The women, child and the aged
Life taken without mercy
They are taken by the saffron mighty
Robbed of respect and dignity
Those who preached purity
No Muslims & no Rohingya
Can live no stand with justice or equality
They consider them base and dirty
The villages and fields are all burning
What denying
Killing the body but the soul will continue living
Observing the saffron and together those with guns
Today they are happy smiling
Ego and lust fulfilled
The world has no will
They continue and continue
Without shame or guilt
We can only cry & pray
For the Almighty to have mercy
Facing the beast clothes in human body
Thirsty for Muslim and nay with no sense of pity
The beast in human body shouting loudly
Overjoyed with their own brutality triumphantly
Maybe a savior will appear
only hope & pray.

FBSHApost@2 December 2016

FBSHApost@2 December 2016: POEM #3/2016

I hear from distance afar
The pack of wolves hunting 
Tearing and killing
The cry and tears of those devoured
Daunting and haunting
But their lust unfulfilled
No guilt...
No other hunters with guns 
The wolves have fun
No one will dare to come to their killing fields
They have organised it well
All corners the hungry wolves have guarded and protected
Just spring on the victims
To the ground they fell
No one can tell
The wolves so strong & mighty
The flesh and blood intoxicate
The wilder the wolves will be
Clear the place empty
This is the hunting ground
Our destiny say the wolves
Unwilling to share with anybody
For our joy to enjoy
Cruelty is our name & game
The wolves keep howling as loud as can be
Into the silent night and waiting under the long grass
Satisfied to rest for another day.

Stockmore Street, Oxford.

FBSHApost@2 December 2016

FBSHApost@ 1 December 2016: End of Fellowship in Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

I am happy to be coming home after a short stint during the Michelmas term as a visiting fellow at OCIS, Oxford. The experience was enriching and rewarding. I was able to meet other fellows & visiting fellows of the Centre. Everyday we will meet for a healthy lunch of soup, salad, bread and fruits. We sit at the long bench eating together as well as exchanging views and ideas. We have a common room to sit down for coffee or tea & very nice biscuits. The library of the centre is superb with a lot of books to do our research. 

We also have access to the Bodlein Library of Oxford University in person or electronically. In term of acquisition of knowledge it's just fantastic. Additionally we have well known personalities to give lectures on very interesting & current topics. The last lecture was by Lord Dyson a former Master of the Rolls of the UK Courts who spoke about Law and Religion. His lecture reminded me of my law lecture quoting cases and distinguishing when ever necessary of one case to the other. Nothing spectacular. 

I had to adhere to the tradition of the Centre by doing a Seminar on OIC & Myanmar. With me to discuss was Dr Mattew Walton a Burmese expert and writer who is ASSK Scholar at St Anthony's College Oxford University. It went well and well attended. The UK Foreign Office Director of Training thank me profusely for sharing my experience & knowledge as a former FM of Malaysia. 

She said it was useful for the MPhil Diplomacy students who are diplomats to gain insights on their role as a diplomat. I felt humbled & honoured. Today I attended another lecture by the author of a new book just published titled the Pearl of Khorasan about the Herat Province of Afghanistan with the rich history and civilisation of the Tajiks.

Now that I have completed my fellowship for the Michelmas the Director of the Centre Dr Farhan Nizami has asked me to extend for another year. I need to think.

FBSHApost@ 1 December 2016

FBSHApost@26 November 2016: "Sovereignty is not a license to kill" - Gareth Evans

We can celebrate the recent decisions in Malaysia & Indonesia to condemn ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and called the Ambassador to explain but we are still far from stopping ethnic cleansing, crime against humanity or what is referred to by the international community the conditions of genocide. 

Myanmar has to be brought to the mainstream of what democracy is all about. It's not right for any country to hide behind the cloak of non- interference and sovereignty. Gareth Evans, former FM of Australia the main person who crafted the R2P principle said "mass atrocities" cannot be universally ignored and "sovereignty is not a license to kill".

FBSHApost@26 November 2016

FBSHApost@ 22 November 2016: "The World Adrift": A talk by John Major

Yesterday I attended a talk by John Major a former PM of UK at the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies. It was well attended by Scholars from Colleges of Oxford University and other Universities in UK, former Ambassadors and current Ambassadors of different missions in UK. Present was also Mr. Marty, former FM of Indonesia. 

The subject itself was an attention catcher, "The World Adrift". He delivered a very good lecture of the current global and regional scene based on his observation as a retired politician and insightful knowledge on the changes taking place in the geo-economic and geopolitical landscapes in Britain, US Europe and the Middle East. He said a new world is born with impacts & challenges that brought turmoil and chaos. He was worried on narrow nationalism and national interest premised on populist politics. He expressed concerns on autocratic and demagogue decision making. He believed in persuasion & diplomacy in arriving at solutions. He accepted that every problem has a solution but solutions can invite problems. 

He was against a foreign imposed solution to internal conflicts. He expressed worry about the reduction of defense spending in view of the assertive position taken by Russia and China. He interestingly touched on the need of Reform of the UNSC to reflect today's reality. The move must come from the permanent five. He considers the solution to the Muslim problems lies in the Middle East. He suggests Britain must reconnect with the Middle East as it was a country with the longest and deepest FP initiatives.

He sounded unhappy with Brexit and considered Parliament must be brought to discuss the mode of the exit. He said China as a new power and growing economic strength must be carefully watched even on its silk road initiatives. He believed on compromise and understanding with extensive use of diplomacy and not power and authority. My impression it was a quality lecture. After painting a worrying global landscapes of protectionism and nationalism, he ended the lecture with a positive note that he is an optimist.

Monday, November 14, 2016

FBSHApost@13 November 2016: Tazkirah Subuh

Hari ini Tazkirah selepas subuh Ustaz menceritakan bagaimana Nabi Adam menerima untuk memikul amanah Allah sedangkan makhluk lain tidak sanggup menerimanya. Anugerah Nya ialah tinggal di Syurga tapi melalui tipu daya Iblis, Adam dan Hawa menderhaka pada perintah Allah justeru dikeluarkan dari Syurga untuk hidup di bumi. Adam bertaubat dan Allah terima taubat Nya. Manusia diberikan akal dan nafsu, sedangkan binatang hanya nafsu. Akal membolehkan manusia memilih di antara yang baik dan buruk. Tapi akal saja tidak akan sempurna dalam melaksanakan amanah Allah. Ia perlukan panduan wahyu melalui AlQuran dan Sunnah. Amanah akan menjadikan manusia adil, meneroka ilmu, mengikut hukum dan peraturan. Bila manusia gagal melakukan amanah ia akan membawa kehancuran. Yang benar tidak akan dipercayai dan yang tidak benar di katakan benar. Mulalah mereka yang jahil bercakap tentang subjek mereka tidak berilmu. Dalam kata lain inilah zaman mereka yang bukan ahli diberikan amanah. Timbullah kecelaruan dan fitnah menjadi-jadi. Fikirlah tentang tanggungjawab mengurus amanah di muka bumi. Wallahu a'lam.

FBSHApost@13 November 2016

FBSHApost@12 November 2016: The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM

The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM at OXCIS Oxford on De Rooting Radicalism & Extremism was well attended & received. He talked about the Malaysian experience on managing a multicultural ethnic and religious society in a very balanced and moderate way. Moderation had allowed for political, economic, security and societal spheres to be executed in an inclusive manner which has brought peace and stability to the country. He also mentioned about the need to look at the root causes of radicalism and extremism in order to effectively tackle the problems. The west has a role in overcoming xenophobia and racism or discrimination within, inter & intra states. In other words for it to be de rooted the issues must be viewed from both sides of the divide . His rendition that Islam from classical to modern times have always been moderate on the basis of Quran & Sunnah was very much appreciated and welcomed. It is significant that this message be clearly conveyed as the audience include scholars and students from Oxford University and outside.

FBSHApost@12 November 2016