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FBSHApost@13 November 2016: Tazkirah Subuh

Hari ini Tazkirah selepas subuh Ustaz menceritakan bagaimana Nabi Adam menerima untuk memikul amanah Allah sedangkan makhluk lain tidak sanggup menerimanya. Anugerah Nya ialah tinggal di Syurga tapi melalui tipu daya Iblis, Adam dan Hawa menderhaka pada perintah Allah justeru dikeluarkan dari Syurga untuk hidup di bumi. Adam bertaubat dan Allah terima taubat Nya. Manusia diberikan akal dan nafsu, sedangkan binatang hanya nafsu. Akal membolehkan manusia memilih di antara yang baik dan buruk. Tapi akal saja tidak akan sempurna dalam melaksanakan amanah Allah. Ia perlukan panduan wahyu melalui AlQuran dan Sunnah. Amanah akan menjadikan manusia adil, meneroka ilmu, mengikut hukum dan peraturan. Bila manusia gagal melakukan amanah ia akan membawa kehancuran. Yang benar tidak akan dipercayai dan yang tidak benar di katakan benar. Mulalah mereka yang jahil bercakap tentang subjek mereka tidak berilmu. Dalam kata lain inilah zaman mereka yang bukan ahli diberikan amanah. Timbullah kecelaruan dan fitnah menjadi-jadi. Fikirlah tentang tanggungjawab mengurus amanah di muka bumi. Wallahu a'lam.

FBSHApost@13 November 2016

FBSHApost@12 November 2016: The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM

The Special Lecture on 9/11 Nov by Malaysian DPM at OXCIS Oxford on De Rooting Radicalism & Extremism was well attended & received. He talked about the Malaysian experience on managing a multicultural ethnic and religious society in a very balanced and moderate way. Moderation had allowed for political, economic, security and societal spheres to be executed in an inclusive manner which has brought peace and stability to the country. He also mentioned about the need to look at the root causes of radicalism and extremism in order to effectively tackle the problems. The west has a role in overcoming xenophobia and racism or discrimination within, inter & intra states. In other words for it to be de rooted the issues must be viewed from both sides of the divide . His rendition that Islam from classical to modern times have always been moderate on the basis of Quran & Sunnah was very much appreciated and welcomed. It is significant that this message be clearly conveyed as the audience include scholars and students from Oxford University and outside.

FBSHApost@12 November 2016

FBSHApost@9 November 2016: Attending Talk by DPM of Malaysia

Today we will be attending a Talk by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia on the subject of 'De-rooting Radicalism and Extremism', at the OXCIS. There is a lot of excitement and expectation because the topic invites a lot of questions. After that there would be dinner for him and his delegation at the Centre's Dining Hall. The venue for the talk is the Malaysian auditorium with lots of wood carved by a Malaysian carver from Terengganu. The auditorium was just completed and will be used for the first time.

FBSHApost@9 November 2016

FBSHApost@9 November 2016: Donald John Trump as the 45th President of the US

The unexpected has happened & the next President of the US is somebody who is not a politician & never had any government experience. Unorthodox and went against all forecast of the polls. The 45th President, John Trump won because the electorates want change. They just don't bother about how he is going to conduct FP. They are concerned with the American economy & employment. We need to wait & see what's next globally.

FBSHApost@9 November 2016

FBSHApost@7 November 2016: Perpaduan dan Keharmonian Negara

Kepada kita yang sering mengatakan yang rumput lebih hijau di sebelah sana atau mengkritik teruk berkenaan amalan kebebasan dan demokrasi di negara sendiri, biarlah saya katakan biarlah kita bertindak bijak tanpa menggadaikan keamanan dan kestabilan di negara. Memang saya akui kita bukanlah yang terbaik dan sempurna. Namun perhatikanlah dengan penuh teliti kecelaruan dan keadaan huru-hara yang berlaku di serata dunia. Konflik dan perang saudara yang tidak berhabisan dengan pertumpahan darah, kematian, rakyat dan negara jadi porak peranda. Mereka yang menjadi pelarian untuk mencari perlindungan dan keselamatan. Ada negara yang melakukan kezaliman di atas nama kuasa menegakkan kedudukan kaum, bangsa dan agama mereka. Justeru itu gunakanlah kebebasan dengan waras dan bijaksana tanpa mengganggu keamanan dan hak orang lain. Kita perlu mewariskan negara ini dengan terbaik mungkin. Satukan hati dan jiwa untuk perpaduan dan keharmonian negara ini supaya tiada orang lain dapat mencampuri hal dalaman negara dengan adil dan saksama.

FBSHApost@7 November 2016

FBSHApost@6 November 2016: The 2016 American Election

From Oxford we watched a good coverage of the American Election together with detailed analysis of the reports on the ground. I can say this is the most bizarre and craziest Presidential election campaign that I have ever followed. It's full of personal attacks, allegations and counter allegations without much discussions on policies especially from Trump. It's quite scary and mind boggling considering USA is a major power. More confusing when the FBI took part as if to influence the outcome. Whatever the result it is divisive. Tomorrow we would know the outcome.

FBSHApost@6 November 2016

FBSHApost@4 November 2016: Life in Oxford

Life in Oxford is indeed very challenging but interesting. We are here at a time when its freezing cold, which brings us back to how it was during my student days in London. I have never gone through this type of regime where I meet people who are so scholastic and academic. We discussed a wide spectrum of subjects and topics as the fellows are also lecturers in various Colleges of Oxford University. The various rooms we are assigned to at the Centre are for fellows who are constantly busy on their desktop doing research, making notes or giving lectures and tutorials on a one to one basis and also lectures on their individual subjects. The library facilities are simply superb. Learning is really from cradle to grave. 

Today is a very dull and rainy day. I decided to walk to the Centre in the rain. I left the Centre after my Maghrib prayer at 4.34 pm. It's already dark and quiet. Again I decided to walk back and reached home exhausted. We had dinner that my wife cooked. We went to sleep early and wake up also early too..Soon it will be over and I would deliver my lecture by the end this month.

FBSHApost@4 November 2016

FBSHApost@3 November 2016: Why is Nothing Done?

Whatever we want to say about the international system we are still witnessing selective treatment and even double standards. We have seen previously how genocide was committed in Rwanda and Yugoslavia. The international community & UN were too slow to act. We saw humanitarian tragedy before our eyes. The international community debated on sovereignty & non-interference. No one should argue but I am sure the right to sovereignty does not extend to extra judicial killings and genocide against its population whether citizens or non citizens. At one time it was argued the law for humanitarian intervention was looked at with suspicion but this is now called crime against humanity and the R2P.... protect human life and not military intervention. In the Middle East & Africa the international community & UN acted quickly though ultimately there is still no solution after the peace. In Myanmar gross violations of human rights, crime against humanity and it is said there are documented evidence of genocide. 

Why nothing is done. 

The fact the country is progressing towards democracy and they should be given time to settle cannot include ethnic cleansing of its own people especially the innocence. The least that could be done is to demand the government to stop its military & police to go on the rampage of killings, raping and burning of villages, houses and mosques. Myanmar has decided to become part of the international community, it must therefore abide by international law and the UN Charter. ASEAN as a regional organization must fulfill its obligations under international law and UN Charter... consistent with the establishment of an ASEAN Community that is people-centered and respect the rule of law. 

Remaining silent is not the answer.

FBSHApost@3 November 2016

FBSHApost@2 November 2016: A Caring Society for People with Disabilities

As I walked around in Oxford and go on PT or for that matter in UK they really pay attention to disabled persons with space allocated for parking, on the bus, on train, in parking areas and toilets. People give way to them in a polite and courteous manner. No one that does not suffer these disabilities would occupy space reserved for them. That's what a caring society is all about. In the US Presidential election there is on going discussion to make sure they exercise their democratic right to vote. There is a Council established for them and they have access to legal counsel in order to ensure their rights are safeguarded and protected.

FBSHApost@2 November 2016

FBSHApost@1 November 2016: My Fifth Day in Oxford

This is my fifth day in Oxford. Weather starting to get cold and the day gets dark quickly. Everyday I have to walk to the bus stop to get to the Center and the same way to get back. It's quite an effort and change of lifestyle. In my room I sit quietly by myself. Reading and searching for materials to do my presentation on a date to be fixed by the Center. I am learning a lot. I only go out to go to the washroom or to pray at the mosque. Yesterday I attended a Seminar on "Attitude towards Immigration of Muslims in Europe" presented by Dr Asma Mustafa, a well known researcher and writer on the subject. This seminar was reserved for Fellows but other people can attend if invited by the Fellow. After the presentation there were Q & A. The views and comments were academic and scholastic. Attending this made me think whether I should pursue my academic interest. Wishful thinking at this age. Other than feeling tired with heavy reading, I feel relax and happy here.

FBSHApost@1 November 2016

FBSHApost@30 October 2016: Weekend in Oxford

      Weekend...time for us to go out & see the countryside. All on PT from bus to train to taxi. Made all the mistakes & non-stop asking people for directions. Restful when we arrived at Merton in Marsh and had our lunch at a quaint Italian Restaurant. The food was OK. Then we took a bus to go to another picturesque small town, Bourton on Water. Rows of small gift shops of local products of all kinds and cafes for us to let time go by. After taking lots of snap shots we had a break at a crowded small cafe and had hot chocolates. Then its time to leave we took a bus at 5.10 pm to catch a train at 5.45 pm bound for Oxford. The train is not as nice or comfortable as the Chinese, Japanese or Korean trains..We arrived in Oxford when it was time for dinner. At the train station we decided to take a taxi. The taxi driver took us on a long trip on the excuse there was an accident in the city. He asked me whether I was agreeable. My short answer was for him to take the most convenient route. My wife cooked porridge for dinner....we had the porridge with chilli soy source and bilis goreng brought from KL. Alhamdulillah that completed our day...Today we are going for lunch at the Director's house.

FBSHApost@30 October 2016

FBSHApost@30 October 2016: Arrival in Oxford on 27th October 2016

Upon arrival in Oxford in the early hour of the morning of 27th October...we had to carry the bags by climbing to the top most floor...4th as there is no lift. We were lucky as our chauffeur Nadir originally from Afghanistan helped to bring them upstairs. The apartment is just nice & comfortable for the four of us. Climbing the stairs is not easy but it's difficult to get a place that is not too far from the Centre. 

After we settled down then I dragged Aziah and my two children to walk with me to the Centre as I was still trying to understand the bus routes. It was a good 20 minutes walk. I showed them around the Centre. What a beautiful Islamic architecture with space, garden and fountains. It was just enchanting with a lot of calligraphy of Quranic verses. The auditorium was contributed by Malaysia and the wooden carving by a Terengganu craftsman and its such intricate piece of work. I am proud of it and people who came to the auditorium always admire it. Its just simply beautiful. 

As a visiting fellow I have a room with a desktop and printer for me to sit & do my research. There are rooms for other fellows and visiting fellows. The place was totally quiet as if nobody was there. Later on the Director of the Centre, Dr Farhan Nizami who originally came from Aligarh India from a distinguished family of scholars popped in and I introduced him to my family. He was so kind and invited us to have lunch in his house. I stayed a few hours meddling with the desktop and printed something. We then left and decided to try the bus to the city centre. It was successful and we went to lunch at a South Indian restaurant. They have beriani, tosai, pratah and thali. Me and Aziah had a thali dish and my two children had beriani. That was our first day after arriving from KL. Totally exhausted we went back to the apartment. We did our prayers and by 7.30pm local time we were ready for bed. 

The days get dark quickly. We woke up early at about 2am as in Malaysia its already 8 am. On the second day we went again to the Centre by PT. As it was a Friday after a couple of hours my family left me with my work at the Centre. I went to chat with my next door's neighbour from Pakistan. I introduced myself and after that we had a conversation about OIC and Myanmar. He had a lot of questions on OIC. I answered some and left others for him to ponder. 

I prayed at the mosque of the Centre which is quite large & beautiful. During Friday, outsiders are allowed in. The mosque was full with people of different nationalities. It's nice to see all of us praying together in unison facing Allah. The khutbah was delivered in English. After that I went back to my room to continue my work. At five I decided to go back. Alhamdulillah I didn't get lost to go back to the apartment...I forgot I didn't have lunch. My wife cooked us a good dinner. After dinner we planned for what we would do Saturday. What an interesting induction into the life here at least for a few weeks.

FBSHApost@30 October 2016

FBSHApost@29 October 2016: My Journey to Oxford

I left KL by MAS flight at midnight from KLIA on 26/10/16. In the flight I was more interested to sleep, though the menu offered was quite tempting. Due to the stewardess and fabulous friendly service I was persuaded to savor a few small dishes after which I went to sleep. I did exactly that and was soundly asleep until about three hours before landing. It was a smooth flight although there were some small turbulence along the way. 

The Captain landed the aircraft nicely at 6.20 am on 27.10.16 as scheduled. We went through the passport clearance quite quickly. The border security officer asked who I am and why I am here. I explained and our passports were stamped. The next move was to the baggage area which was quick and efficient. Even though Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, the baggage handling was par excellence. Everything was tip top...the toilet was clean and without any disturbing odour. 

After all formalities had been cleared we walked to the waiting area looking for our transport. Aside from some miscommunication he was there to help us with the luggage...It was a Viano Mercedez, so it was enough for the four of us and our luggage. The morning was cold and foggy. Not much traffic on the way to Oxford and we stopped once at the R&R for a drink. After which off we went on our way to Oxford, a place that is so historical. 

Everywhere you are surrounded by different colleges of Oxford University. Actually it has a lot of memories for me and family. Oxford is still an inspiring place. I walked a lot from the moment we arrived. I also made full use of PT especially the buses and learned what bus to take to where. So convenient to get me to Oxford Islamic Studies Centre. Its efficient and on time. Taxis are too expensive as a mode from point to point. London and even Oxford today are very cosmopolitan, an example of multiculturalism of cuisine & people. I enjoy the tranquility and the academic environment. Here I can be myself with people who are so friendly and helpful. Its cold and we know winter is coming...The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful red and yellow. Another day passes.

FBSHApost@29 October 2016

FBSHApost@26 Oktober 2016: Kemurahan Anugerah Allah

Dalam perjalanan hidup samada secara sedar atau tidak kita banyak buat kesilapan atau kesalahan terhadap diri dan orang lain. Mungkin juga terkasar, sombong, ataupun mengangkat suara terlalu kuat, mengarah kerana kuasa dan jawatan dengan megah... tidak sabar... berbangga.... riak tanpa sedar....Allah, banyak kelemahan dan ketidaksempurnaan aku...kepada yang dekat dan mungkin yang jauh. Sambil sarapan dengan isteri pagi ini dia bercerita jika mahu lakukan sesuatu tanya samada apa kita buat dan lakukan Allah suka atau tidak. Jika tidak itu yang perlu dibetul kan. Mohon ampun kepada Allah dan mohon ampun pada kawan ataupun manusia lain yang kita telah melakukan kesalahan, keterlanjuran atau kekasaran...pasti ada...justeru disisa hidup ini dan diruang ini aku mohon keampunan dan keredhaan... Kita berdua sering duduk merenung & berbincang tentang laluan, tentang kasih dan kemurahan anugerah Allah pada kita walaupun kita bukan yang terbaik.

FBSHApost@26 Oktober 2016

PUISI #19/2016 Semua Diagungi Al Khaliq

Jika aku berkata
Apakah kau murka
Apabila aku tersilap
Adakah memberi maaf
Bila aku terlanjur
Apakah kau masih sabar
Apabila kita berbeza
Apakah kau anggap derhaka 
Santapan dan hidanganku tidak sama
Adakah kau pandang aku hina
Apabila aku tidak tahu
Apakah kau lihat aku tidak berilmu
Apabila aku bersuara santun
Adakah kau terus menekan tanpa keadilan
Apabila aku tunduk sopan
Apakah kau fikir kelemahan
Sebenarnya aku ni seorang insan
Meneroka kemuliaan milik tuhan
Bukan kesombongan di alam pinjaman
Aku khalifah di angkat ketinggian
Bukan keturunan memuliakan
Aku mencari kerinduan
Memohon iman dan ketaqwaan
Tiada yang aku takut 
Melainkan Al Khaliq 
Pemberi manfaat dan mudarat 
Aku dan engkau serata
Peminjam yang paling agung
Pemilik masa, kuasa dan kemegahan 
Aku dan engkau pasti akan dihakimkan
Aku dan engkau ada batasan 
Tetapi Dia tiada sekatan tolok bandingan
Yang tinggi, rendah, cantik dan indah
Yang buruk dan pincang 
Semuanya sama saja
Aku, alam dan manusia
Seluruhnya diagungi
Pemiliknya yang Maha Esa
Berdepan dengan qada dan qadar Nya

Hamid Albar 
21hb 2016
Bermula pukul 8.30 malam.


17 OCTOBER 2016 AT 11.00 A.M, 


Thank you to the emcee
Alhamdullillahi rabbil a’lamin, peace and blessings upon the beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister OF Malaysia
YB Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport
YBhg Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, Chief Executive Officer, Performance Management and Delivery Unit
Encik Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah, Chief Executive Officer, Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat
Members of the Commission, Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat
Secretary Generals and Senior Government Officials
Excellencies, High Commissioners and ambAssadors
Distinguished Guests and Participants of the LPT Symposium 2016
Members of the Media

1. First and foremost, let us thank Allah Subhanawata’ala because it is with his grace that we are able to be here today for such a meaningful moment in the nation’s land public transport transformation journey. 
Ladies and gentlemen,

2. On behalf of SPAD, I would like to thank the Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak for making the time to be with us today. He is our greatest supporter for land public transportation. I know he has got a very heavy and tight schedule, but he chose to spend time with us today.

3. SPAD also happens to be YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib’s brainchild. It was in 2010 when he announced that SPAD would be formed and put directly under the purview of the Prime Minister.

4. I was called to meet the Prime Minister back then. When I was asked by the Prime Minister to become the chairman of SPAD at that time, I was blown away! I never thought for one moment that I would be on the other side of public transport as this was outside the area that I was used to – I have been in the banking and legal fields but never in public transport. I was unsure if I could do it. 

5. Swinging in, suddenly from a minister into an industry which has its own unique culture has proven to be a challenging and interesting experience. 

6. SPAD started with 2 people, myself and former CEO, Mohamed Nur Ismal Kamal, who is now the CEO of MYHSR. Later I was joined by former SPAD COO, Dato' Sri Shahril Mokhtar and former SPAD CDO, Datuk Azmi Abdul Aziz, who are now respectively CEO of MRT Corp and Group CEO of PRASARANA.

7. In that respect, SPAD is not only a pioneer in public transport. It is also contributor to the land public transport industry in terms of personnel.

8. In the beginning of course, there were a lot of challenges and we would not have been able to meet these challenges, without the support of others. I would like to thank Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, who is a great believer in public transport and of course, thanks to the ministry of transport, which is the transport policy maker and sets the NKRA KPI on public transport. It is our duty as a regulator, to work together hand in hand for the benefit of the people.
Ladies and gentlemen,

9. We are living in a globalised world where changes are the order of the day. In our industry, we are witnessing the dynamics of this change, in industry as well as technology.
10. For instance, from the conventional diesel powered trains, we have moved on to fast trains and now to high speed trains using maglev-superconductor technology.

11. As you can see, the technology is actually moving, progressing and improving all the time. We will very quickly become out of date, if we do not move together with the changes that happen.

12. Malaysia, 5 years ago had decided, that we must move with the times. We cannot afford to stay where we are, if we want to progress and become a high income nation.

13. Of course there will be challenges along the way, such as the refinement of rail, bus and taxi services, and improving safety and reliability across all modes. This is an ongoing process through the commission’s licensing conditions and regulatory requirements from operators. We hope for continued support from all our stakeholders.
Ladies and gentlemen,
14. In the 5 years since SPAD was established, we have come a long way in land public transport improvements. Trains for example have improved a lot. From the conventional train we now have the ETS, and soon the MRT and in the future the HSR. 

15. I am still very excited now after these 5 years. I see that there is transformation in public transport and I think that if you say this to anyone, they will not disagree with you. 

16. In fact, we have seen a rise in modal share increase, which is an early result from the planning and implementation of various initiatives including on policy, infrastructure projects and regulatory actions. Given the complexity and dynamism of the industry, there is still much to be done to elevate the Malaysian land public transport system comparable to world class standards

Ladies and gentlemen,

17. The 5 years land public transport transformation journey book to be unveiled by the prime minister this morning, is a report on the work done, the progress made and the projects for the future in accordance with the national land public transport master plan. 

18. It is testament to government’s commitment to make Malaysia’s land public transport the catalyst for socio-economic growth and development.

Ladies and gentlemen,

19. SPAD is grateful to be given the trust and opportunity to work towards a world class land public transport system that will benefit Malaysians. 

20. YAB Dato’ Sri, i would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity and I hope your confidence is well justified.

21. Thank you.

22. Wabillahitaufiq Walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

FBSHApost@15 Oktober 2016: Sejarah

Sejarah adalah sesuatu yang penting kerana ia mengajar kita tentang perkara-perkara yang berlalu tetapi boleh memberi kita kefahaman terhadap isu atau cerita terkini. Ia boleh mewarna kelakuan dan tindak-tanduk kita serta sikap terhadap sesuatu perkara. Pakar Sejarah kalau mencerita dan menganalisa kejadian secara jujur dan ikhlas kita dapat menimba ilmu. Namun demikian ada masanya penulis sejarah ada ketika mencipta fakta dan kejadian mengikut agenda masing-masing. Saya memang suka membaca sejarah. Ada masanya sesuatu episod sejarah yang diceritakan orang lain tapi kita tahu tak tepat dan ada masanya salah langsung. Kita boleh betulkan atau senyap saja. Terpulang lah..

FBSHApost@15 Oktober 2016

FBSHApoat@14 October 2016: Our Lifelong Commitment is to Our Creator

We are often confused between our sense of patriotism, loyalty & nationalism which is related to our ownership to the nation and the love for it. In other words our total dedication to defend it at whatever costs. This should be distinguished from our love and loyalty to an individual, groups or class which is premised on as long as we can share the same values and norms. Above it all our commitment and dedication to our Creator which should be for as long we live on this temporal earth until we are called to our permanent abode.

FBSHApost@14 October 2016

FBSHApost@12 Oktober 2016: Tiba di Oxford

Saya tiba di London jam 5:10 pagi hari Ahad 9/10 2016. Kawan (sebenarnya boleh menjadi seperti anak saya) seorang keturunan Rohingya yang dibawa lari daripada Rakhine oleh ibu dan ayahnya ke Bangladesh semasa umurnya satu tahun dan kemudian sebatang kara dibawa sebagai pelarian ke UK dan kini rakyat Britain datang mengambil saya dari lapangan terbang Heathrow untuk ke Oxford. Cuaca musim sejuk mula muncul walaupun daun-daun di pohon-pohon dan taman-taman masih hijau lagi. Berselubung saya tidak tahan sejuk. Ini satu daerah di UK yang diduduki oleh berbagai Maktab yang dipanggil Oxford University. Indah, cantik dan dipertahan sejarah, tradisi dan warisannya. 

Saya nostalgia dan tiap-tiap hari berjalan berkilometer mengingati zaman saya belajar A level di Kolej Lanjutan Pelajaran. Bilik yang saya sewa pada masa itu dimiliki seorang Pakistan yang berkerja sebagai Posman. Dengannya saya belajar masak beriyani dan lauk-lauk kari kambing. Kini Oxford telah berubah dan lebih kosmopolitan.. Berbasikal adalah satu mod perjalan yang popular warga Oxford kerana susah nak mendapat parking. Saya berjalan kaki atau menggunakan pengangkutan awam setiap hari. Mula belum faham jalan gunakan teksi tapi terlalu mahal dan apabila dah faham nombor-nombor bas pergi ke mana naik bas. Secebis cerita sebelum solat subuh.

FBSHApost@12 Oktober 2016

PUISI #18/2016 Kita Penuh Kekurangan

Kita sangka kita terbaik
Sebenarnya ada yang lebih cantik
Kita kira kitalah paling berkuasa
Tapi ada yang lebih berkuasa
Penentu segala-galanya
Kita rasa kita paling kuat
Sebenarnya kita kurang melihat
Ada yang lebih kukuh tanpa bersuara gah
Tidak juga berasa megah
Dia sedar ada yang Maha Besar
Kita sangka kita paling beriman dan taqwa
Kita lupa ingat sebegitu jadi kita belum cukup tumpat
Belum tunduk dan merendah
Banyak pamer luaran yang dalam masih berkurangan
Lidah pintar bicara apa saja
Namun hati tidak mapat mengingat
Semuanya sementara, seketika saja
Yang pemilik kuasa alam dan semesta bukanlah kita
Alam ini juga fana untuk cuba kita
Mudah lupa atau ikhlas pada Nya
Berpoya seketika gembira
Atau melabur pada yang kekal selamanya
Yang kita ada akan luput binasa
Perjalanan hendak tiba banyak duga
Melainkan yang mendapat cahaya akan bertapak
Kuat di dunia dan akhirat
Jasad kita akan lusuh bila roh disimpan
Untuk ditemukan semula di alam yang berkekalan
Mohon amalan kita soleh untuk menghuni syurga
Bersama rasul pembawa rahmat
Tidak kita durjana menghuni neraka
Terpedaya dengan iblis yang mempersona
Kita sebenarnya tidak ada apa hendak bermegah
Setelah berusaha kepada Allah bertawaqallah
Kita hina kita rendah
Janganlah lupa kisah yang dibawa risalah
Mahu dimantapkan iman jauhkan dari Syaitan
Rupanya kita semua tidak kuat 
Bahkan penuh kekurangan

Bukit Damansara 

Friday, November 11, 2016

FBSHApost@2 Oktober 2016: Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram 1438

Semoga tahun baru 1438 akan membangkitkan keinsafan dan kesaudaraan untuk melahirkan penyatuan dan kasih sayang di antara insan yang Allah jadikan semulia-mulia makhluk.

FBSHApost@2 Oktober 2016

FBSHApost@22 September 2016: Taat kepada Allah

Allah menyeru pada orang-orang beriman untuk kita taat kepada Nya, kepada Rasul Nya dan akhir sekali kepada pemerintah dikalangan kita. Yang mutlak ketaatan kepada Allah dan Rasul Nya. Sesama manusia selagi kita melaksanakan amanah dan tanggungjawab dengan iman dan taqwa dalam menegakkan yang hak. Manusia tidak digalakkan untuk melakukan kekacauan dan kerosakan.

FBSHApost@22 September 2016

FBSHApost@22 September 2016: Today the Globe is at Our Palm

Reading the Tweets and FB posts is indeed a wonderful experience in our journey of life with different shades and colors, values and norms. We get updated and informed on what is happening around and beyond us. We see the revolutions as well as evolution of cultures and beyond that civilization. The cyber space has played a great part in our daily lives, socially, politically and economically. It can even change and shape our perspectives on security and its challenges. It has influenced our mindsets and semantics in communication to others. 

Today the globe is at our palm. We can get confused on what is truth and reality as our norms and values are confronted with change. We live with visible and inherent prejudices and bias be it of color, ethnicity or religion. Rules of politics have changed domestically and internationally. Information is in abundance but knowledge is hidden by the elites. In sum, its a complex and difficult world...

FBSHApost@22 September 2016

FBSHApost@19 September 2016: Former Leaders of State or PMs in the UK

I was reading an article in the Singapore Straits Times on the fate of former leaders of State or PMs in UK. Interestingly from being surrounded by so many officials and colleagues suddenly upon retirement or resignation they are alone or not even recognised or acknowledged in the midst of the public. It is worst for leaders who come to power in the mid-forties and retired or resigned before reaching fifty like David Cameroon. From being adulated to being ignored and lonely. But that's fact of life. The writer opined in this article it is a great loss to the nation if their experience are not used for productive purposes. However every incumbent as a rule of thumb like to be their own leader and make their own mark without interference or competition from their predecessors.

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FBSHApost@19 September 2016: Quote of the Day

Remember a person who is beautiful is not necessarily good, but a person who is good is always beautiful.

FBSHApost@19 September 2016

FBSHApost@18 September: Leaders should Manage Power Well

Some say power corrupts and some say power intoxicates. Whatever view you take both are equally true...thus it is important for leaders to manage power well with good governance and transparency. Often the people around the leaders destroy their image and reputation by their wrongdoings and abuses, sometimes without the knowledge of the leaders. It can happen that the behaviour of the subordinates caused the leader to be disliked and hated...It is therefore of paramount importance for leaders to be alert and know what is happening. Morning mood whilst looking at the F1 track and its surroundings.

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FBSHApost@14 September 2016: Perbaiki Imej Negara

Setiap hari saya muatkan pandangan dan perhatian berkenaan bebagai tajuk dan luar negara atau isu-isu keagamaan dan kemasyarakatan. Kini ramai orang luar negara bertanya dan ingin tahu tentang keadaan Malaysia hari ini. Mungkin kita akan bertanya mengapa ada pertanyaan sedemikian atau mengapa orang berminat sangat hendak tahu tentang Malaysia. Pada saya ini adalah suatu perkara yang tidak menghairankan kerana Malaysia sering dilihat sebagai sebuah negara berjaya dari perspektif ekonomi, politik, keselamatan dan perpaduan kaum. Namun hari ini kita teruji kerana berbagai kekalutan dan polimik tentang skandal, ekonomi dan kewangan, politik, dan dalam isu perpaduan kaum serta soal golongan pelampau yang mengancam keselamatan. Pada saya kita mesti kembali tertumpu untuk memperbaiki status, imej, keyakinan dalam dan luar negara terhadap Malaysia. Untuk jadi popular mudah tapi untuk bertindak tepat dan baik bagi kepentingan agama dan negara susah. Bangun lebih baik dari tidur. Tidak boleh leka dengan penafian.

FBSHApost@14 September 2016

FBSHApost@13 September 2016: I believe in the Almighty

I used to be an idealist.... Thinking about good values and norms.. Everyone would abide and live guided by virtues and morality. I thought we are all God fearing or would not do something wrong by moral or legal standards. I thought life is governed by rules and regulations. How wrong I could be. There are more and more Machiavelli than one could imagine. Governance and transparency become alien...truth is strange.... Pretenses & hypocrisy become more common and the norm of today's success... No need to feel guilty about telling lies...Recently there are many articles putting this subject into context particularly in politics...though it is not the only area, be it in US, Poland, or anywhere else for that matter. There is so much apathy on politics....people begin to lose trust on political and non-political leaders. I have now stopped believing in what people say or tell me except in the Almighty.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

FBSHApost@4 September 2016: Kaum Ansar yang Suka Membantu

Ustaz memulakan tazkirah pagi dengan mengangkat Syukur kepada Allah. Katanya apa yang kita mahu bukan setakat hidayah tetapi disertai juga dengan taufiq dari Allah. 
Melalui taufiq kita dikurniakan Iman dan Islam dan kerananya mampu mengikut perintah Allah. 
Bila Insan diberikan taufiq akan mendorongnya rasa hendak berbuat baik. Dalam perkataan lain mentaati perintah Allah.

Buat baik saja tidak mencukupi perlukan kepada taufiq kerana keredaan Allah.
Ustaz menekan perlunya ada sikap bukan sahaja untuk menerima disebaliknya suka memberi lebih-lebih lagi diketika hendak menyambut Hari Raya Korban.
Hidup lebih bererti dengan memberi dan bukan sahaja menerima sepertimana kaum Ansar di Madinah Almunawarah.

Al-Ansar orang yang suka memberi.
Suka orang datang berhijrah dari Mekah.
Tidak mahu apa-apa dan tidak mementingkan diri.
Suka tolong orang dan mengalukan orang berhijrah ke tempat mereka. Mereka berasa suka dan gembira menerima tetamu.
Tidak fikir hendak dapat apa-apa kerana menolong. Tidak fikir kepada pulangan.
Mereka akan mengutamakan orang lain walaupun mereka juga ada keperluan.
Ibadat korban bukan setakat bagi duit.
Apa yang boleh kita bantu...

Tidak fikir untuk membantu orang mithalnya bila ada kereta rosak kita buat tak tahu. 
Menolong tanpa memikirkan apa yang dia boleh dapat terbaik dan itulah orang Ansar.
Orang yang kita tolong sombong.
Akhirnya ustaz meminta fikirkan apa yang boleh kita beri.
Tidak usah fikir hak sahaja tetapi fikirkan peranan. 

Wallahhu a'lam. 

Catitan 6.30 pagi
4hb Sept 2016.

FBSHApost@31 August 2016: Happy Merdeka to All

When the country achieved independence on 31st August 1957, I was 13 years old...My father as an official of UMNO in JB prior to their move to KL had to go to all corners of the Kampong to seek Malay support for UMNO and later on Alliance..He was part and parcel of the personalities who gave their lives to obtain independence...some leaders in Britain were not confident that the Malays would be able to lead an independent multi-ethnic Malaya which they have left this country to be and they also have their supporters within the country. 

Tunku and his team managed to convince them that the best route was to give Malaya the independence and later on it was the Tunku also who made it possible for Sabah and Sarawak to be part of independent Malaya and called ourselves Malaysia after its confirmation on the wish of the people by Cobbold commission and confirmed by the UN.

That was history how we were formed as one country and one nation under one constitution as a federation. Anything contrary to that is ultra vires...

The leaders of yester years were simple and not ostentatious of their wealth (for those who have) and status (for some they were royal or aristocratic). 

Today things have changed and politics have changed, leaderships and styles have also changed. No more bicycles, small motorcycles or buses or even walking to go to party meetings. Conspicuous show of or spending is everywhere visible from head to toe. But that is the nature of things. Now I am 72 and I pray we can recollect the struggle and build the future on the spirit of 57 one nation that stand together in peace and tranquility. Those given the reign of power and those that make politics their vocation or call would perform their task with honesty and responsibility for the nation of Malaysia...Happy Merdeka to all.

FBSHApost@31 August 2016

FBSHApost@29 August 2016: Celebrating our 48th Wedding Anniversary

Picture of me and Aziah on our anniversary back in 2015

Today we have just celebrated our 48th anniversary of our marriage with a lot of thankfulness to Almighty for joining us together in matrimony and endowing us with happiness....InsyaAllah till Jannah.

FBSHApost@29 August 2016

PUISI #17/2016 Kegilaan Dunia Pemodenan

Fakir perhati pada dunia fana
Terlalu banyak geram dan dendam...
Semua hendak digenggam
Islam hendak dibenam dan tenggelam
Mukmin mahu berubah dikata Islah
Islam liberalnya dan modennya
Baru dipanggil maju dan progresif
Tidak sedar dibelenggu kaku
Terus bertukar gila-gila mahu jadi sama
Tidak sedar dipandang hina
Buang akhlak tinggalkan budaya
Bicara pun macam mereka 
Bertemasya dan berpoya mencari kaya dan harta
Berhujah ilmu budiman 
Bercakaran konflik tidak berhabisan
Semua dikuasa Tuan berlainan
Jadi cendiakawan memberi tafsiran
Ketawa besar sudah kedepan
Terasa fakir sudah di takhluk hati dan fikiran
Yang terpinggir dibiarkan
Ditepian tiada makan dan kelaparan
Fakir kesian ingat kemajuan 
Sebenar miskin adil dan ehsan
Fana ini dipimpin dengan kegilaan
Itulah oder dan agenda pemodenan
Fakir ada di sudut keseorangan..

6:30 am
Intercon London

FBSHApost@26 Ogos 2016

FBSHApost@24 Ogos 2016: Allah tidak akan memberi hidayah kepada orang yang tidak berpegang pada iman

Surah Yusuf pasangan Zulaikha. 
Keunggulan ini melawan nafsu... Diri manusia selalu terarah kepada kejahatan. 
Tidak dapat menahan nafsu melainkan dengan kerahmatan Allah
Memberi keutamaan dunia daripada akhirat. 
Mustajab sangat-sangat disuka...
Kita berada dalam dunia dari hidup sehingga mati 
Keadaan diri berubah
Ada masanya sihat ada ketika sakit
Yang kuat jadi lemah
Keadaan terus berubah mengikut edaran masa
Dunia hanya singgahan sebentar
Dunia penting tapi tak patut menjadi matlamat
Tumpuan pada satu, jangan lupa yang satu lagi
Manusia sering terdedah pada lupa
Jangan lupa dunia kerana kita hidup atasnya
Walaupun hidup di dunia itu cetek
Akhirat kekal abadi tempatnya tinggi dan mulia
Semasa hidup di dunia buatlah amal soleh
Hidup hakiki adalah kekal di akhirat
Setiap makhluk yang hidup akan meninggalkan dunia
Diingatkan supaya kita tak lupa dalam buaian dunia 

Surah Ankabut
Yuhyi kum hidup hakiki
Allah tidak akan memberi hidayah kepada orang yang tidak berpegang pada iman
Mukmin mendapat hidayat dan pertolongan Allah.

Taskirah Subuh 18 Ogos 2016
Dimasukkan @ CDG, 24 Ogos 2016

FBSHApost@24 Ogos 2016

PUISI #16/2016: Bersyukur atas Kasih Ilahi

Ramai tidak tahu
Apatah lagi mengerti
Rahsia jasad dan hati
Jiwa yang perlu mensyukuri 
Dalam ramai terasa bersendiri
Bila sendiri ada ramai yang mendampingi
Dari jasad fikir dan hati
Terasa indah hidup dipinjami
Untuk dilalui hanya seketika ini
Bisikan yang menyayangi
Rindu yang mencintai
Berkeceramuk dan bercelaru alam insani
Merenung pada semesta dan keajaiban kuasa Ilahi
Justeru meninjau kedalam diri
Bukan bermimpi tetapi sedih kerana ada yang tidak mengerti
Anugerah tinggi
Lari dari amanah diberi
Fakir bersendiri mencari diri
Mohon laluan diredhai
Merentasi sepanjang detik masa dan waktu
Menzahiri pancaroba langit dan bumi
Masa itu fakir merenong dan termenung
Tentang kasih dan sayang Ilahi membentuk duniawi
Bagi tiba ke ukhrawi kekal abadi

Le Meridien Paris
Pukul 6 pagi
24hb Ogos 2016

FBSHApost@23 August 2016: Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan at the Sustainable Transport Forum: Driving the Shift in Paris

Kofi Annan spoke at a forum in Paris on Sustainable Transport, Driving the Shift organised by SCANIA. He touched on development and the need for collaboration of the business community to improve the lives of the people with political leaders taking leadership of the process. According to him failure to do so would leave leadership by the people without focus and direction with negative consequences on stability and security. Interesting.

FBSHApost@23 August 2016

FBSHApost@22 August 2016: Be Positive and Practice What You Preach

Some people like to shoot themselves on the foot.. What does this mean? In a nutshell it is simply we are the cause of our problems. We find fault with others at every opportunity. We never like to think positive....we talk about change when we are not innovative or willing to adapt to changes or flexible to make the next move. Our whole life is encircled with hate and prejudices. We refused to share for goodness and love. Many have Holier than thou attitude.. We like to preach to others but fail to practice what we preach.

FBSHApost@22 August 2016

FBSHApost@16 August 2016: We must adapt to change

It's not possible to please everyone in whatever we are doing... Especially those who are set in their minds to oppose or have decided how things should be. Change is not always appreciated or easy to understand particularly by those who close their minds. 

The Legislators and Executives determine policies and the officials formulate and implement them...We must in order to progress accept that change is constant and that's the dynamic of life. We must adjust and adapt to change or else we will be left behind. Time does not wait for us it keeps on ticking and will leave us..

FBSHApost@16 August 2016

FBSHApost@16 Ogos 2016: Satukan Lidah dan Hati kepada Iman

Hari ini tazkirah subuh Ustaz Razali sentuh beberapa perkara; tetapi yang amat menarik sekali ialah Nabi Yusuf yang dijadikan sesempurna manusia dari pelbagai aspek termasuk kecantikannya yang menggoda wanita yang memandangnya sehingga Zulaikha cuba menawannya. Tetapi imannya yang kukuh dan tidak berganjak menjadikannya manusia istimewa. Inilah iman yang kental dan mantap (Surah Yusuf). Seperkara lagi ialah ustaz juga membicarakan berkenaan mereka yang dikatakan munafik...iaitu bila lidah berkata beriman tetapi hati nya jauh dari iman. Justeru penting untuk disatukan lidah dan hati kepada iman...

Wallahhu a'lam.

FBSHApost@16 Ogos 2016

FBSHApost@14 Ogos 2016: Politik, Kuasa dan Manusia

Politik, kuasa dan manusia tidak dapat dipisahkan...Ada masanya ia melibatkan budaya dan sistem nilai...sering ia tidak memiliki sempadan tertentu...tidak ada persahabatan sejati dan sering tiada ikatan kesetiaan melainkan kepentingan bersama...akhlak dan moral dalam politik jarang terjumpa... Yang ada bagaimana mahu mengekalkan kuasa. Perlu cekal dalam mengharungi sungai dan lautan politik dengan ombak dan badainya..Walaupun begitu manusia mesti mendampingi politik untuk memerintah dan mengurus negeri dan negara.

FBSHApost@14 Ogos 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

FBSHApost@13 August 2016: Taxis in Bangkok and Singapore

Recently I have been in taxis in two cities namely Bangkok and Singapore. In Bangkok, the first taxi I took simply use the meter but due to language barrier he dropped me in a different place from where I wanted to go even though the hotel has written for me in Thai the place I wanted to go. To return to the hotel I hailed a taxi on the street. I showed him the hotel written in Thai and he just quoted me the fare. I told him he should use the meter. He kept on reducing the fare. He was determined not to use the meter. Finally I negotiated to a level that I considered just about the fare if he were to use the meter. 

In Singapore I just mentioned where I wanted to go and brought me exactly to the place. In both cities the vehicles used were new and clean, the drivers were polite. In Singapore at the end of the journey the driver would ask whether we wanted a receipt. I related this story sadly to provide contrast with our own.

FBSHApost@13 August 2016

PUISI #15/2016 Pudarnya Semangat Merdeka

Merdeka dan bebas satu bicara
Fikir merdeka dan jasad turut serta
Berapa keringat dan darah tertumpah
Supaya bangsa terhormat dan tidak ternoda
Ditunjuk arah dari lain dari kita
Dipandu untuk mengengeh saja
Apa erti merdeka jika dibelenggu
Hati dan jiwa
Tiada berani untuk bersuara
Menegak yang hak sebenar
Didendang dengan ganjaran tidak bermakna
Disuap dan diikat nusa
Ditekan di sudut hina
Apakah itu dikata merdeka
Hati dan fikir dijajah gementar 
Untuk berkata
Terpinggir dan tertinggal kerana
Diadun leka
Kampung halaman hanya tinggal nama
Terlalu kecil di kalangan yang dipandang mulia
Tanah dan bumi hanya pusara yang tidak diambil lagi
Selain menjadi bahan sejarah yang telah pergi
Apa dia bebas dan merdeka ini
Hanya teka-teki yang telah di manipulasi
Namun tarikh dan ketikanya masih di ingati
Masa berlalu terlalu sedikit milik anak negeri
Masihkah kau leka menyanyi semangat yang tiada lagi
Berkobar tetapi tiada erti
Walaupun berbahas tidak henti..
7.15 pm 
Al Shifaq