Friday, June 19, 2015

LONDON Diary part II

Today another day that I walked down memory lane. As it is summer, our solat time requires a lot of getting used to, adjustments and discipline. As this is something that we can't do as we like we make the necessary adjustments. Our day here began early and the night was short. This means we went to bed late. This morning of June 7th we had decided on what we wanted to do the night before. My wife Aziah the chef extraordinaire asked the children to be in our apartment early to have a specially prepared breakfast of toasted bread with sunny side up eggs and chicken and beef sausages. Everyone agreed for today we would visit the British Museum...the Egyptian section and Kew Garden. All of us undertook to leave the apartment by 9.30am but with so many of us we finally left at 10 am. 

The next thing was off to the tube station, which was just across the road. This reminded me of my previous experiences as a student and when we first got married more than 45 years ago....going on the tube for the umpteenth times for college, visit friends or to go to work. The only difference now I don't run to get to the station and on the train. Some of the stations and trains are much better than it was. Another interesting change is cash is not popular. To buy the tickets you are required to have credit cards and to travel on the bus or train you have to buy the one day travel card or buy the oyster card which allow you to go on the bus or train without having to pay anymore. This is much cheaper, convenient and faster. This is what we call seamless travels. Malaysia is going to introduce this system and hope it will be well received by the operators and public. 

The whole day we spent an outing to the British Museum and Kew Garden. Never a dull moment. Interesting and always a lot to see and explain to our younger ones on our experience and interesting anecdotes during our time visiting these places and going up and down the trains. I think the public transport here is built with a lot of attention for the handicap and senior citizens. Even the passengers will offer their seats for people with small children and to the old. Its nice to see people observe manners and courtesy.. We ended the day by having dinner at a Chinese Muslim noodle Restaurant in Bayswater. Today I have not thought of anything to do yet....

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