Friday, June 19, 2015

LONDON Diary part VI

Everyday of your life if you are able to enjoy health, peace and tranquility is a bliss. No one and no country is perfect. As ungrateful homosapiens we like to complain and think somewhere else is better. The English has a good expression the grass is greener on the other side only to find out when you are there it is not. There were elements in the British administration who opposed to give Malaya their independence on the ground it would be a failed state because of its ethnic, religious and cultural diversity.They know this as they have placed the different races into seperate compartments with the divide and rule policy. 

When the Malays wanted independent the British wanted them to bring all the ethnic group into one political party. Dato Onn agreed and tried to bring the Chinese and Indians into UMNO. The Malays and the others rejected it eventhough he tried to put pressure on UMNO he could not carry the party with him. He decided to leave and formed a multi ethnic party but failed to ge the support due to lack of acceptance. When Tunku was brought to the political scence of Malaya he knew the British precondition for independence and he did what the British wanted but chose a different methodology from Dato Onn. 

Thus the birth of Alliance which later on matured into BN under Tun Razak. I am relating in a very simple brief how we begun our nation... We managed because our forefathers accomodated and compromised. They accepted the challenge and refused to allow Malaysia to become a failed state. Many leaders whether named or not or remembered or not had contributed to what we are today. History and our geography are all there for us to understand and accept. After 57 years of independence we must recognise that this nation was built on accomodation and compromise. There was tolerant and harmony. Dont open up these factors of success but look forward to build a new Malaysia based on appreciation and respect for diversity. We should start to think how Malaysia should politically be, its role at the regional and international spheres. There is so much we can learn from Britain and US.but dont make the mistakes of trying to replicate or copy them..We have evolved and let us continue to do so.

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