Monday, December 21, 2015


Whenever I have the opportunity to visit a foreign country or meet people from other countries, there are many things that I see and observe. People and countries are the wonders of creation. Different people, cultures, religions and colours. Added to these the landscapes, jungles, forests, mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and seas. Some have them some don't. These are the mosaics of the human world....We see the skies, clouds, rains and, gray, orange and red...the changing of the night and day..with the sun, moon, sun and stars....How awesome the varieties of creation for us to enjoy and appreciate.. we see people from different parts of the world behaving differently...some place people are polite and courteous...clean and protect their environments, they appreciate their surroundings and protect them....when they speak they are so gentle and respectful of others, they are clean in their way and conduct...everything is in place and they are apologetic if it is not and feel ashamed of it. 

With them you feel safe and the presence of humanity..I always observe people and nation who don't love their environment...they destroy everything for today's benefits and nothing to leave for tomorrow...the people are coarse and often inconsiderate....they are arrogant and failed to respect fellow human beings...they demand without giving....their language and manners don't reflect the nice cities of creation.

I suppose this distinguishes civilizations...and you learn to accept the different colors and varieties of people and living....we learn history; geography and demography...all the children of Adam and Eve sharing this temporal world....if we combine our body and spirit then we can satisfy our share this world in harmony, tranquility and peace soul and thoughts as I see the lifting of the veil of the night to the light of the morning.

FBSHApost@30 November 2015

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