Monday, December 21, 2015

Sightseeing in India

India is indeed a land of contrasts...Civilizations and greatness. The Islamic and the ancient Hindu civilizations... All intermingle in the inter and intrafaiths paradox and contradictions. It has freedom as well as intolerance.. Harmony and extremism occupying the same space. Nationalism of ethnicity and religiosity..The divide and unite. Poverty and wealth living side by side. There are stories of love and romance. There is hate and violence..Every corner and small area is occupied for human beings to survive.... This is the land of the survivors where humans, animals...walk without care side by side. I see pigs scavenged for food together with the cows and buffaloes among the heap of rubbish. The agricultural products sold in abundance by the street enticing and freshening... The fertile soil housed plenty of the best agricultural products..Cuisines and spices that's satisfying for all pallets.The highways and streets have all kinds of vehicles...from bicycles, trishaws of all kinds and shapes.. Toot-toot of all sizes squeezing through the streets even to the highways they are not supposed to...all carry more passengers than they are allowed to.., cars of all kinds squeeze in and out for its destinations competing with other vehicles and humans. Indeed its a wonder. Law and lawlessness. Everyone survives and reach their destinations. Plenty of interactions and intellectualism...its fascinating and bewildering... Vibrant with eloquence and sadness... Finally amidst all these its a wonderful country and awesome in all respects...I enjoyed the discourse and participated actively in it for two solid days. I learned and experienced.. The warmth and friendliness... The care and uncaring...India .... is emerging as another superpower...

FBSHApost@21 November 2015

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