Friday, March 25, 2016

FBSHApost@21 March 2016: Surrender is not an Option

       Politics is a power game to satisfy the defined objectives of staying in power. There is no such thing as exercising refrain or restrain in order to sustain power. Everything depends very much on circumstances and not on fixed norms or static rules or aesthetic values. Whatever it is, the players that know best and the spectators just need to watch the masters play their cards. That's what we call political reality. As observers or even voters we have to understand and accept ground realities. John Bolton, a former US Ambassador to the UN wrote in a very interesting book in 2007 that was appropriately titled "Surrender Is Not An Option" about US foreign policy in the Middle East which could describe the current crisis in Malaysian politics. Of course without the armed or physical conflict.

FBSHApost@21 March 2016

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