Thursday, November 12, 2015


There are many things in our life that we should be thankful. ...The heaven on earth with the sky and clouds that shelter us, the sun, moon, stars that give light and life so that we can enjoy the bounty God has bestowed upon us. The rivers and seas that provide us abundance to sail and search for our living....The mountains, hills and valleys that hold the earth together...with its jungles and forests....with the diversity of its colours in accordance with its seasons...rain and snow that allow animals and humans to thrive....every living thing is given opportunities and challenges....we are permitted to take but not to destroy....we are asked to maintain balance in things we moderation and not in return we are asked to protect and fair and just... Not to harm instead to keep peace and celebrate our kind and understanding...exercise humility in our relationship....have we done honesty, sincerity and proper be a person of reason and knowledge...
FBSHApost@1 November 2015

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