Tuesday, November 3, 2015


My path and mind travel through the tunnel of life
Looking and searching for the meaning to be
Humanities of oneness and unison
Of creation and the Almighty
Mortals asking for more ...
Never satisfied
With bounties Allah provide
Peace and tranquillity
In all our diversity of religion, culture and ethnicity
Food and resources aplenty
In this beautiful world of oneness
We don't open our eyes and ears
To those who don't possess
Torn by war and conflicts
The cry and miseries of those who suffer
No homes or land to tilt their living
Poverty and hunger
My path and mind convoluted in confusion
When wealth in abundance
Why do we squander
We build on destruction
Destroy and build again
With weapons we declare peace
With deaths we sing the songs of freedom and democracy
With extremisms we celebrate willingly
We blame others for our own follies
We forget the oneness of Almighty
Calling us to live in submission
Amidst our diversities
Look at those who are continuously shifting
Maimed and feeble seeking our hearts
Souls that speak of compassion and mercy
Oh Life what would it be
Without humanity
Almighty is one in unity
Call us to share and love in oneness and diversity
With the Prophet (PBUH)
In a globe that is aplenty.
The world is an abode of temporary.

FBSHApost@30 October 2015

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