Friday, January 20, 2017

FBSHApost@14 January 2017: Making Choices

Human beings are strange creatures created by Allah that has got the power of reasoning and choice. With all these faculties it does not mean that he/ she would make logical or rational choices. This is due to the fact that his/her choices could be driven or motivated by his emotion or desire. Thus, within this matrix of reason and emotion he can become an extremist or a moderate person. When he / she behaves in accordance with his lust or emotions, his actions and outcome can be worst than animals. 

Life is about creating the right balance between the good and bad when making choices or decisions.. to uphold the truth and justice with knowledge and understanding. In the world today there are too many lies and the truths that are always hidden. 

Killings, murders, atrocities are committed because you try to uphold convoluted justice, and truth when in fact you are trying to dominate or subjugate for your own selfish reasons.

FBSHApost@14 January 2017

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