Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FBSHApost@6 January 2017: POEM #2/2017

Living is understanding, it is a passing journey
It is only temporary
Your soul and body are partners
In togetherness
Moving in sequence
To count each and every moment
When the soul is called
The body would fall until it is recalled
Body and soul in unison again
Never to be separated in eternal abode
While on earth make it good
Be a friend to everyone and enemy to none
Happiness and joy
For you to enjoy
The day and night
The sunlight and the moonlight
Energise life with greenness
Foliage to protect
In your journey of life
The sky and stars for you to love and forgive
In humility to share the beauty
Of every part of Almighty
No pride and arrogance in humanity
Above you there is someone more mighty
Overseeing you in your journey
To the final destiny

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