Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FBSHApost@29 December 2016: Embracing 2017: Peace and Security for All the Global Citizenry

We are quickly leaving 2016. An eventful year for Malaysia with many anecdotes of politics, economics and security. It has been a difficult and complex year to manage. Many stories to be absorbed and analysed. It is just like the Clint Eastwood spaghetti cowboy movie; the good, bad and ugly. The good guys are supposed to survive but the cost can be high. Definitely in this globalised and borderless world we are again divided by ideology and beliefs.

The age of neo-colonialism, big power rivalry.. We are living in a cyber space where it is difficult to distinguish between truths and falsehoods...the world is being shaped and influenced by the way the players communicate their message…so much wealth and poverty... nationalism and identity on the fault lines of ethnicity, religion and culture....turmoil, chaos wars, conflicts and deaths...each side claims victory to uphold so called justice, liberalism, freedom and democracy. Even promoting different civilisations are being advocated with passion... there is less tolerant, goodwill and trust on others.. new terminology of jihadists, terrorism and extremism being redefined.. especially when it involves Islam and Muslims...sixty million people are refugees and 50% of them are Muslims.

Economic and political interests become paramount... human rights and its abuses are just back burner issues. Indeed it’s an exciting, challenging and mind boggling world we live in... where moral, legal and ethical considerations are less important. Individuals are fundamental to survival of the human race and societal interests are secondary. The appearance of non-state actors has dominated our lives and discourses. Political leaders at the helms of nation states are no longer the conventional and orthodox.. in a couple of days’ time we would welcome and embrace 2017 with more apathy as we are unsure what is in store for us... the human race seems to be producing more gladiators. Hopefully things can change and as we talk about peace and security it means for all the global citizenry.

FBSHApost@29 December 2016

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