Monday, April 25, 2016

FBSHApost@11 April 2016: The Journey of My PhD..Continued

In my last FB posting I said I would continue to share my journey on how I got my PhD . I'd like to thank my FB friends who had given their views and comments whether for or otherwise. Some even suggested its useless for me to have the PhD but instead I should write my memoir. For my friends' information I had finished writing my Memoir in 2011. But I had deleted many aspects of my experience in the multi-layered fields of endeavor I was involved in. 

From a banker to a corporate lawyer, I finally made my way as a politician following the footsteps of my father. After contesting the GE in 1990, I was straightaway made a Cabinet Minister in a number of important and crucial Ministries at a turning point of our country's history. I served as an ordinary MP from 2009 until 2013... the election that I predicted BN would not do well, as I told Pak Lah about calling the election in 2008 so soon as we would only reduce much of our majority. But there were many things in the memoir that I generalized or simply deleted or didn't want to remember. Due to that, I decided to publish the memoir and thought of rewriting or revising it. It was for that reason that I decided to write the brief anecdotes from time to time in the FB to make sure my mind don't get blunted. I'd also in the next posting explained why I completed my PhD.

FBSHApost@11 April 2016

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