Monday, April 25, 2016

FBSHApost@8 April 2016: The Colourful Nature of Human beings and Colours of Nature

Actually life has its own twist and turn. The homo sapien is the only creation of God that accepted the responsibility of Leadership to manage Mother Earth. He is thus given the option to choose between good and evil. In doing so he is guided by the Prophets and the Holy Books. His life on this earth is for a fixed period, after which he would be judged in accordance with his deeds. Under the divine system there is rewards and punishments. There is heaven and hell where we would finally dwell in. Life with its complexities is multi-layered and multi-leveled with different shades and colors for us to ẹnjoy and appreciate. In the similar vein we would meet all kinds of human beings. Some have good character and behave well and bring happiness and joy to others but there are also those who bring hardships and problems. Albeit we should not complain too much as there are beautiful vegetation and greens that should please our eyes ...there are seas and rivers, hills and valleys with the towering mountains that further bring serenity and tranquility...our duties and responsibilities are to maintain and sustain them in an equilibrium and balance.. follow the divine laws and rules in a fair, just and balanced manner.

FBSHApost@8 April 2016

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