Monday, April 25, 2016

FBSHApost@27 March 2016: This world is temporary and the actual future is life in the Hereafter

We enter and we will go out of this world as predetermined by our Creator. It is a stage and drama with many Parts or Acts. Curtains being drawn up or down. Everyone will act their parts, choosing the role that is good or bad, virtue or evil. Almighty will judge us and human beings will remember or forget us. As we go on with our life we should understand the very reason for our existence....the things we have done or not done. Life is full of pretenses or hypocrisy which surround us as we seek for truth and battle against falsehood from within or outside us. We seek for the right path on this temporal world to reach the hereafter of joy and happiness. The journey is through the present for a future that is better.

FBSHApost@27 March 2016

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