Monday, April 25, 2016

FBSHApost@8 April 2016: Phases of Life

Life, some say is divided into phases while others consider it as anecdotes. Whatever it is, we started our life with the first cry when our mother delivered us into this world. She went through nine months of

the ups and downs of pregnancy. 

Finally here we are...

and for Muslims there would be the Azan recited in the ears of the new born by the father or grandfather. Our birth is announced to relatives and friends. That is the start of the first phase..Our mothers would shower us with tender loving care to bring us up....going through all kinds of personal trials and tribulations of nurturing a child to become a good human being. Never giving up on us but with patience inculcating our early values....Always watching and observing us.. Proud of us when we started to talk and walk... From just forming words to making full sentences.... From incoherent to being coherent. From being confined in the embrace of your mother to going outside the compound of your home...beginning to be free when you start to walk and attend school...the mother still continues to worry about your safety and well-being. 

When we become teenagers then we start to have individual and collective habits and friends and acquaintances. Your dear mother even in this second phase would like to protect and at times would not like to let you go...,the father would always be there to support her...this is the most complex and difficult time in managing you growing up....but your parents are always with and beside you...not imposing but worrying about your route to success in the school, university and working life....this second phase is where the interchanges would take place... You go through good and bad times and experiences...but this process should toughen you up and you develop self-confidence. 

The third phase; you have a job and exercise independence as an adult..,Again in the work environment and socialization you are confronted with the realities of a different kind. It is in this period that you learn about intermingling of country and government in the landscapes of politics, economics, security and socio-cultural. You learn about the delicate balance that prevail in the country of multiculturalism..ethnicity and religion. In the intertwining of domestic and international environment.. I pick up, meet and learn more about human nature and politics..,.I learn and see more about human character and behaviour....I was lucky enough to meet corporate and government leaders and civil servants..fortunately the country is stable, economically sound and there is an absence of open physical conflict...there are disagreements and differences... Even among friends and colleagues....or jealousies or envy but all these to be expected.... 

There are differing approaches on how the country should be governed. Again if the opposition does not want to replace the incumbent government or disagree with them then they have nothing to say they are not opposition. Now in this final phase I become a keen observer on everything that is happening. I can get a bird's eye view and afford to have my opinion whether expressed or otherwise. Before I was able to be a player in varied fields and activities.,. This is over but the human characters never change... Competing for good reason or not for good a reason.... Seeking for to be a leader at whatever cost for some... Speak even when there is nothing to speak....I see those that are clever but also those who think they are clever.... I see my society and country have changed...we read and hear people talk about governance and corruption, transparency and accountability.., these are good symbolic rhetoric if not put to practice....Just a general observation.

FBSHApost@8 April 2016

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