Monday, April 25, 2016

FBSHApost@9 April 2016: POEM #2/2016

The meadows laid before our eyes
Soft and gentle as it stretches beyond the horizon
But it's just a portion of the thousands
That dwell within its space
Every single thing in its place
Humans and other beings share its beauty and tranquility
The sky above white and blue
Shelter all below to comfort you
The glowing sun brings smiles to another day
The moon and the stars take their turn
The earth brightens and lightens to feast the night
The constellation of the day and night are but signs of the Almighty
With its Qun fa Yakun and it shall be
The limitless power and authority
For all creations to appreciate and say
We are just a tiny part of the beautiful canvas
Painted perfectly at the command of the Azzawajalla
To soothe our hearts with humility
As we sift in the air of life
How wonderful the balance that is creation
Nothing in excess but moderation
For the human vicegerent to learn the lessons
Of all creations each has its notation
To perform its function
Without arrogance in the order of creation
I am just human seeking acceptance
In God's excellence without comparison
Al Shifaq
Began 6.55 am and completed at 7.37am.
9 April 2016

FBSHApost@9 April 2016

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