Thursday, August 18, 2016

FBSHApost@11 July 2016: Laos

I am sitting in a room alone facing the Mekong River as the water flows slowly to meet and touch the river banks of its neighbours. This is the river of life that is the source of happiness and sadness. Its so quiet from up here... Life and people seems to be moving slowly in Vientiane....this place has changed from the last time I was here long time ago.... But people are friendly... Much economic development and a lot of Chinese money and investments pouring into this landlocked country Laos...Malaysia and Laos has established their bilateral relations fifty years ago on July 1... Soon Laos is going to play host as the new ASEAN CHAIRMAN. Summit, Foreign & Defence Ministers Meetings and other related meetings. The rhetorics, declaration and statements would be delivered...integration and community. Life would continue and differences abound... Now I can observe.

FBSHApost@11 July 2016

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