Thursday, August 18, 2016

FBSHApost@18 July 2016: A struggle against oppression and suppression of the powerful

The international order is unjust and imbalanced as it is driven by Realist conception of power and control is undertaken by economic and military means. It is hegemony and dominion. The rebalancing that we need is not simply by spreading liberalism, market economy and democracy. What we need is a world order that is based on justice and fairness. The global order must recognise the plurality, multiculturalism and diversity of societies and nation states. It is the divine wisdom that demands homosapien to understand and appreciate each other. Never, never allow for foreign elements to shape our future or destiny under whatever guise or name. We should determine our own future notwithstanding our differences and diversities. Build our strength and resilience. A morning thought to struggle against oppression and suppression of the powerful.

FBSHApost@18 July 2016 

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