Tuesday, July 21, 2009


  1. It is about time that UN must take the initiative for the establishment of a Palestinian State. This has been outstanding far too long and the world has succumbed to the dictate of Israel. Malaysia should support strongly the call for the UN to declare the establishment of a Palestinian state consistent with international law and justice, as the creation of the State of Israel was realized through the passing of the UN resolution in 1948. The International community then ignored the objection of the States within the region and the Muslim world. Due to this bold decision by the UN Israel today has become an independent and sovereign state.

  2. It is not right for the UN to keep on delaying the creation of Palestine on the ground that Israel does not agree. The UN has to honor its obligation under the Charter in a fair and balanced manner. There should not be any pre conditions set by one party if the peace negotiation between Israel and Palestine is to succeed.

  3. Once the state of Palestine is established, then the UN should play its role as a peace builder and peace maker. The International community must recognize the fact that Muslim countries have moved its position so far in respect of Israel. Previously they did not accept Israel and yet today they are willing to accept the two States solution i.e. Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace and security.

  4. In my view, the Middle East region deserves a new environment of peace, security and stability. Thus the resolution of the Palestinian and Middle East issues can no longer be delayed. The time for peace is now and it is for the UN to act immediately.

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