Tuesday, July 21, 2009


  1. Marwa Ali Al-Sherbini death in the courtroom in Dresden, Germany on July 1 is most bewildering. This is another example of the hate culture that still exists in Europe on Muslims. How could a person be murdered in the courtroom is a question that begs an answer immediately. Innocent, decent pregnant lady has become a victim of a deep seated hate. She was brutally murdered just simply on the ground that this madman hates “MUSLIMS”. Every civilize human being should condemn the heinous crime and question the German authority how it could happen in the courtroom. I am sure if it were to happen in a developing or a Muslim country all kind of allegations and condemnations will be made.

  2. The media unfortunately did not give the due coverage or attention it deserves. This incident clearly demonstrates the presence of intolerance within the European society as a whole. This is not the first time when racist and xenophobic acts are committed against Muslims. Imagine if a European is killed by a Muslim in Europe, the story will be given the widest exposure by the local and International media. Where is justice and fairness? Is Might always right?

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