Thursday, June 16, 2016

FBSHApost@4 June 2016: May God forgive and bless us

Some of us talk or write to create division, hatred or encourage violence against others out of perceived knowledge but there are also those who do it due to ignorance. In both cases we must pity them or have a sense of compassion to forgive them. In this world of communication and information we are witnessing the worst of human behaviour, killings, oppression and conflicts for political, ideological or even in the name of religion. The imbalance between rights and obligations, arrogance and humility, strengths and weaknesses, virtues and evils, good and bad. This is in the power of minds and hearts. We let ourselves go astray thinking that we are superior than our maker or we abandon our creator...May God forgive and bless us with his Light that can torch our lives to the abode of brightness, be at peace with ourselves and our fellow human beings.

FBSHApost@4 June 2016

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