Monday, March 27, 2017

FBSHApost@28 February 2017: Material Success and Spiritual Attainment

When we were born into this temporal world other than on a matter of life and death, we are given the choice to attain knowledge and iman. We are also given the option to become good or bad. Everything depends on our own efforts. God never prevents us from obtaining knowledge for success whether on this earth or in the hereafter or the combination of the two. 

Our faith and belief will determine where we will be placed after death. We can choose to believe and not to believe using our minds and faith. For those who seek enlightenment we will be bestowed such but for those who chose material well-being, God in His mercy and compassion would grant us. But we can also achieve spiritual attainment together with material success. 

The world is created to achieve balance between giving and taking.

FBSHApost@28 February 2017

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