Friday, June 5, 2009

Euphoria For Peace between the US and Muslim World

Naturally Obama's speech at Cairo University created much euphoria and a sense of excitement at the possibilities of forging new relationships. The need to build a bridge between the Muslim world and the US was well received, particularly by the Muslims. The most important consideration, however, would be how Obama will translate the good intentions to that of a constructive, workable relationship and cooperation based on respect, justice and goodwill. The bottom line is whether he has the political will to ensure the contentious issues that anger and infuriate the Arabs and the Muslim world can be overcome. The expectation from most, if not all Muslim quarters, is to see a balanced treatment on issues affecting the Muslim world and the Muslims, especially the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Now that Obama has shown that he is willing to reach out to the Muslims, the next phase would be to bridge the gap between the two sides - the Arabs and the Israelis. There should be a comprehensive political solution to resolve these conflicts. We await eagerly the US' steps in taking the lead and demonstrating its seriousness and sincerity in terms of what it promises to achieve - for the betterment of all.

We put a lot of faith that this is indeed a genuine desire and new call to achieve justice and peace between the two worlds. There is much substance from Obama's speech which ought to be translated into actions and Insha'Allah it will not be another rhetorical speech of a US President. It's time the world ceases to label or associate all forms of extremism and acts of violence to Islam and the Muslims. We want to believe that "America is not the crude stereotype of a self-interested empire " but America must prove and show it has political will and resolute to carry the same message to its close ally, Israel and put an end to the Palestinian/Israeli and Arab/Israeli conflicts.

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