Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@1 February 2017: My Next Topic of Research

Does the international system work? The straightforward answer is, of course. 

At the bilateral and multilateral levels, the strong militarily or economically will dominate the world. They will influence and shape the hegemony in the global order in their own interests. 

In international relations, all states will justify their policies based on national interest or the interests of the state concerned. It does not matter whether the leader is Trump, Putin or Modi, or Xi Jinpeng; national interest will be their motivation in the policy formulation and decision-making. 

Realism in Foreign Policy is practiced by major powers and the countries aligned to them to survive in a chaotic world. This would be supported by military and economic powers to extend their influence beyond their borders. 

Based on Machiavellian principle of realism, states in their policy pursuits and in their national interest can use deceit or violence to achieve their objectives. Morals and ethics are not in the equation. 

The liberalist Foreign Policy adherents take the view even though the world is hostile and dangerous place, this could be overcome through cooperation as the adverse effects of militarism far outweigh the benefits. Thus, interdependence between states becomes the sustaining position in economic & trade relations between states.

In Islam, the conduct of international relations and foreign policy are premised on values and norms such as hikmah, morals and ethics. Foreign policy should be implemented with wisdom and moderation. 

This FP stance is similar to the position taken by the idealist where state FP is required to be consistent with morality and ethics. My next subject for research is on Islam and Diplomacy as compared to the conventional FP.

FBSHApost@1 February 2017

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