Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@21 January 2017: Realising Freedom for the Rohingya

When I started on the Rohingya journey in 2014, I felt alone and lonely other than the few Rohingya leaders who encouraged and inspired me. I had the full backing of Iyad Madani, the SG of OIC then who supported me all the way. I met government leaders of Myanmar, their think thank and activists. 

It was a difficult task because there are a lot of people and countries who give lip service but not willing to be upfront. ASEAN was shouting non-interference and other countries are too remote to bother. After all, Myanmar was transforming to democracy and Suu Kyi was a darling of international community and champion of human rights. 

With Myanmar still behaving in the mode of the military junta oppressing and suppressing the minorities, the military & government forgot the rule of the game has changed. People begin to see clearly as if it is always daylight on the atrocities and crimes committed by the military with the endorsement of the civilian authorities. 

Suu Kyi the human rights laureate remaining in silence caused anger and abhorrence when the evidence is crystal clear. It is today a global issue and tragedy that needs to be addressed. ASEAN could no longer ignore it and PM Najib took it up. 

Now the ball is on the OIC's feet. The new SG feels he & his team in the Secretariat could handle it well. We should wish them well...For me I am happy but we need to work harder ahead for the challenges are complex; to realise the vision of the Rohingya and other minorities for a free, democratic and inclusive Myanmar that respect its obligations and not simply call for its rights.

FBSHApost@21 January 2017

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