Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@4 February 2017: Allah allows us to make choices in Managing Life

Today, Friday, 3rd Feb 2017, the Imam in his sermon touched on the subject of the benevolent and mercy of Allah to human beings. 

He said Allah gave them options and choices in leading their everyday life & affairs. Allah doesn't even wait for the outcome or achievement of the good objectives to reward a person. 

If the person wants to do a good deed or bad deed it is within Allah's will and power to make it happen or not. 

How Allah rewards a person if the person takes steps to perform the good deeds with earnestness and sincerity even though he didn't complete it. 

Similarly he punishes a person's wrong doing only after he committed them. Our life is dependent on Qada and Qadar of the Almighty; whether good or bad and yet Allah allows human beings to make their choices in managing life.

Wallahhu a'lam.

FBSHApost@4 February 2017

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