Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@5 February 2017: POEM #3/2017

I'm a traveller on this temporal world
Looking and searching 
Where is my destiny...
Final abode for eternity 
Many things that I meet and see

Always waiting for a perfect answer
Where there is peace and tranquility
To find justice and humility 
Caring & loving for humanity 
Not driven by lust and greed
Caressing earth and its environment 
Admiring the light of the moon and stars
God creates us to understand each other
Not to hate or destroy
Nor to follow the call of the devil
For us to be cruel
Where is my destiny
Of milk and honey 
The rivers and seas for us to sail free
Stop in every port and harbor
Be welcomed and greeted with songs 
Smiles and laughters without the jesters
The human race sharing and caring
This is my destiny
I'll habor with peace & serenity

Ferry Road, Oxford 

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