Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@28 January 2017: Friday Khutbah at the Oxford Centre

Today, the Friday khutbah at the Oxford Centre touches on three important things that affect a person; namely birth, marriage and death. We have no control when we are going to be born and when we are going to die. Marriage is something that we can determine though the destiny is predetermined by God and again we really don't know who our partner is going to be or is the marriage going to last. 

Though this is not in the same realm as we discuss regarding our birth and death. Our responsibility is to prepare ourselves for this life once we are introduced to the world as our abode here is just a temporary stopping point. So we need to establish a balanced life in this world and be better prepared for our death. It's always good to ponder over these issues.

FBSHApost@28 January 2017

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