Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@6 February 2017: POEM #4/2017

As we venture into history 
There are plentiful story
On every continent it be
Not everything is narrated in its reality
They only tell what they want to be

Much more are hidden
What you read and see
Many hidden tumultuous acts of the powerful & 
We are told of the mystery and beauty
The conquest and subjugation
Full of magic and fascination 
Of the masters laudable intentions 
To bring modernity and civilization
To bring light into the darkness
To the savages in distant lands
With weapons & guns
Countries without names they are given
Wealth and richness that were taken
The montains, hills and vallies they explore
Every inch of seas, rivers and lakes
They explore and exploit
Jungles and forests are theirs
Laughters and cheers for them to enjoy
They are called the saviors of every creature
Those enslaved must be able to behave
Until today there is still destruction 
Mammoth amount of tears flow
Many who cried with sorrows 
Many untold tales of radiation 
To establish the dominion
We may see the power of the hegemony
May the Earth fill with peace and tranquility 
The human race embraces harmony
One love beginning from Adam & Eve
Of a beautiful global society 
No hate and anxiety
But of true love & forgiveness 
To create the world of unity with diversity

Shifaq Damansara

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