Friday, February 10, 2017

FBSHApost@7 February 2017: We have lost Mercy and Compassion

Out of the sixty million refugees worldwide, 50% of them are Muslims. Allah made us khalifah and made us the witness to everything that is happening around or beyond us. We witness deaths, injustices and sufferings. These are all committed by human hands. 

Today we are facing the worst refugee crisis since the second world war. The question is , what have we done to alleviate the sufferings and prevent the injustices from continuing. Have we spent our money and wealth entrusted upon us for the good of humanity. Have we fulfilled our duties and obligations as vicegerent on earth. 

We are living in reality in a world without humanity and remorse. We have been dishonest to the trust of God Almighty for us to help and assist those in need no matter where & who they are. We have lost our ehsan, mercy and compassion. How much wealth have been wasted for the materialistic satisfaction through lust and greed. Haven't we realised our life and possession are temporary. 

We are fortunate of being given the Prophet of Rahmatan Lil Alamen where our punishments are postponed. We seem to have forgotten the stories of wealth, people and nation being destroyed due to their arrogance with status, power and position. God save those who need help and open the hearts and minds of those who have the means to realise their omissions & wrongdoings.

FBSHApost@7 February 2017

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