Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Often we seek for truth hidden in words
Actions are contained in our doings
Pains and sufferings are kept in our hearts
The soul remains in our body.
For as long as you're loaned to live
Before the soul is separated from the body
You are there to be
You are just like a leave that has not fallen from the tree
You see how beautiful before it falls
The sun moon stars bear witness to the living
As parts of the planet in the galaxy
When the days, months and years decide to part
You are just memories for others to remember in the annal of history
Life is just a fleeting moment
Fill it with the best of deeds, laughter and joy
Of sacrifice and service
To feel the inadequacies of humanity
There may be times when tears would gently fall,
With thoughts of miseries without love to forgive
The voice that calls for justice
Hear them attentively
Let the earth be free from unfairness and inequities
Give what's due to those who call for you
For the Ruler who rules
The leader who leads
Always think of the human needs
Before being judged by the Almighty
On the lives and deeds in this life that is temporary

Al Shifaq@2155hrs
21st September 2015.

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