Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Since I arrived I've not got out of my jetlag. It will take a long time before I'll get back my beauty sleep. Thus my flat small friends allow me to speak to my wife and friends at home. Everywhere people are interested to know about Malaysia. Now they are asking for the wrong reason. As a true Malaysian I take the trouble to explain the economic political and security dimensions but always reminding them that we a a world of turmoil and crisis but Malaysia will get out of its problems because our fundamentals are strong. The reality is there are many danger signs. We see the destruction of human lives and civilizations. Muslims and its religion is in a state of flux and facing identity and dignity dilemma. Unfortunately we are not seeking solutions from within us...the Quran or Sunnah. We seek advise from other books, cultures, environment and advisors. I am happy to meet old friends like Dr. Jemilah who have made a name as an international civil servant successfully. I met old friends from Malaysian Media who are covering the PM's visit at the UNGA and all other meetings at the sideline of UNGA..Busy busy..according to them. 

I went to.the OIC office to meet Shwe Maung and Dr. Wakar. We are all working for the cause of justice and humanities. As Rohingya's their feelings have different dynamics from mine. At 3.00pm I presented my report and recommendations to the OIC contact group meeting as the Special Envoy of OIC. Alhamdulillah It was well received. At the side I also had a short discussion with the FM of Indonesia to get the ASEAN government. help to.pressure Myanmar govt on preventing human rights abuses and hate campaigns against Rohingya and Islamophobia in Myanmar..I thank her for the understanding and commitment. I was not able to see the FM of Malaysia due to hour busy.schedule. We also called for the reinstatement of the reinstatement of the Rohingya citizenship status and for them to take part in the November. More need to be done by the international community and the OIC as a whole. Insyallah I will leave New York tomorrow arriving on 3/10 as on the 4/10 I will present a paper on the influence of NI in the FP outcomes of Malaysia. May Allah guide and protect me and All Muslims..Aamiin. Busy busy...

FBSHApost@30 September 2015

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