Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Never in my life I feel so sad and cry for my country.... I think we have done enough to treat a human being and leader of the country in the most base manner... In words and acts.....to agree or disagree is our birth right...to show dissatisfaction and anger is also our right but I think to insult and defame in this way will destroy not only the person but also our future... Certain segments of Malaysian society have succeeded to strip the man naked.... They have called all kinds of names against him and his team. Believe me this is not the end....even when the country have a change of leadership the same dilemma will continue. 

Look at the Merdeka parade and the ceremony. It was a wonderful and spirited performance by the participants. Patriotism was flying high. It is the best we have seen with lots of feelings though the leaders on the stage looked despondent and lost... Let us be civil and avoid creating conflicts because the costs of conflicts is too high and unbearable....do whatever you need to do in a civilised way but don't destroy this beautiful country and nation... I saw the flow of refugees from Myanmar, I saw the flight of people from Iraq, Syria, Africa to Europe .... treated inhumanly by some countries, women, children and old people seeking mercy and compassion. I can see and hear their cries. There have been so much deaths...so much sadness and sufferings everywhere. Malaysia is beautiful,rich and enjoying peace security and stability. No one no matter how strong and powerful can escape the hands of the law...there is justice and rule of law....please allow the law to take its course. Let us be united and sort out the nation's problems....Currently our name and image internationally have tarnished and suffering negative perceptions. As a Malaysian it is high time for us to show our love for the country. Let us leave a positive and constructive legacy to our children and their children.

FBSHApost@31 Ogos 2015

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