Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Two days ago Aziah and I celebrated our 47 years wedding anniversary without any pomp and grandeur..It was just Aziah, me, Thuraya, Bedai, Sadiq, Nora, Badriah who always insisted she is special...and our youngest Ali..plus my grandchildren, Fakeha and Fatemah. The rest of our family could not attend for good reasons. Thuraya and I orchestrated the secret plan to organise a Tanglin Nasi Lemak breakfast anniversary..this was extraordinary because that afternoon I had to take a flight to Jeddah on OIC matters with the SG and some of his officials in the Secretariat.. it is important that we did it on the day the wedding was solemnised. Aziah is emotional and sentimental about it. She always thought I never bother or pay attention to it.. Thus the secret plan. Everything works to the dot. The bouquet arrived on the same morning and Thuraya and Bedai also added their bouquet. Nor bought Aziah's favourite carrot cake with cream topping. Wow I thought when we came down to have our breakfast Aziah would be surprised. We sat with cautious happiness. I was so happy to do a surprise on her. Withou my knowledge she actually knew when the house contractor friend Tan had broken the news to her as he was caught with the money from Nora to buy the Tanglin Nasi Lemak. Aziah kept the secret until everything was over. Again I lost to her...This Tanglin Nasi lemak had been around for a long time ...when both of us were still in school...

We recollected we were wedded just after the asar prayer and was just a small do with only close friends and relatives present. She was 17 and still in School and me 24 in my final year for the Bar exams. The plan was after the solemnisation then both of us go our seperate ways until she finished school and I qualified as a Barrister when a big ceremony would be done in KL. But not to be as she was already my legal wife. Upon completing school I insisted she joined me and our parents reluctantly agreed. They were fantastic and Allah bless their souls. So we had a big wedding without our parents in London. So this akad ceremony at 37 Jalan Abdullah Bangsar was a quiet affair with some close friends VIPs like Tun Syed Nasir, Tan Sri Senu, Uthman Ujang and Wahab Majid to fulfil the wishes of both parents. This morning we just chatted with enjoyment on what we had gone through and of course without missing debating on current affairs...It was good bonding and when it was all over...she went up to pack my luggage for my trip to Jeddah...she said this is no longer the routine she looks forward to....another milestone in our lives passed bye...

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