Thursday, September 10, 2015


Today society is so well informed be it lies or truths. Some adopt the attitude of holier than thou. Everything can become viral..we are no longer living where there is secret or confidentiality.. everything can be exposed in one way or another..the information is there before even you depart from this temporal world. Even what you did in the privacy of your home or what you discuss with another or a group can be a subject of public knowledge or viewing. The world has truly change so much with the advancement of information technology or IT. It reminded me of the film 'enemy of the state'....its quite scary. It is no longer pure fantasy. If you think that you can remain a private person better forget it. Of course worst for a public must make sure your wife and children don't share the same platform. 

How true what an English poet of the 16th and 17th century John Donne wrote, "no man is an island". There is Macbeth somewhere or there is Brutus to protect the nation. In both cases there would be spilling of the blood.. There will be corruption and there will be political matter what we call it...but what is important is to have good governance and transparency.. Disclosure..Malaysia is still a good country....eventhough we complain about democracy and freedom or currency or our economy...we are passing through tough and complex times in our history. Yet we should not forget all of us today are intensely debating on all kinds of subjects from political, economics, security and societal issues. Bersih 4 went through smoothly...whether you are ebullient protagonists or pro government or anti government we are enjoying the safety and comfort that this country and nation can offer. Its vibrant, irritating at times but we can still agree to disagree and still the best home to have. Let us be proud of it eventhough we are cynical about it and evolve a better tomorrow for our future generation.

FBSHApost@10 September 2015

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