Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I just landed in New York to attend OIC FM contact group meeting...on Myanmar..it took me more than 24 hrs to arrive with transiting in Dubai. What is all this about to go across the globe and still running around. I'm no longer chasing rainbows or the stars.. Many told me just to sit still and not travel round the world...I gave a quiet smile and how I wish it could be done...I'm still passionate on learning and seeking knowledge. I'm still saddened by the issues of injustice of humanities and the international system...i shed tears looking at the plight of refugees without home and poverty in a world aplenty...I feel touched on the unreasonableness of Islamophobia....I'm devastated to see the hypocrisy of the preachers of virtue and piety and yet their behaviour and acts are not exemplary. It is also unfortunate when we prescribe things for others to do and yet we do the opposite. We teach humility and good conduct but we failed to be governed by it...My friends tell me forget about them as life is too short and human beings are not perfect...i just looked into the empty space and thank Allah for the generosity and compassion upon us...preservere and be patient....Aamiin.

FBSHApost@29 September 2015

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