Monday, September 21, 2015


Definitely there have been many changes in the Public Transport scene. We are seeing globally travelling in many countries have become seamless n cashless..I think this makes Public Transport a convenient way and mode of choice for travelling..easy connectivity n just deal with machines. Every station you will find there is an absence of counters selling tickets...with cash or credit cards you settle everything...similarly shopping also means you pick up the goods and if the counter is busy you just go to the machines and enter the barcodes and your purchases would be itemised and totalled up. For me it was quite a funny and exciting relearning exercise that I experienced in the UK and one day it would also be the case in Malaysia... I think the pleasant part of my experience that there is always someone so kind to give a helping hand...either another customer or member of the staff. 

To me first hand experience is the best way to understand the goings on in public transport. What is glaring is to go by taxis or private vehicles is maddening as you would be caught in traffic jams.

FBSHApost@19 September 2015

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