Monday, September 28, 2015


There are too many things in my mind that I want to pen down but I know I can only put some of them in my coherent thoughts. 
  1. We are living in a troubled world--full of tears, sadness and sufferings. Many of them I feel so disturbed that I can't even see or write about them.
  2. Everywhere we are witnessing conflicts or disputes that the human race or even the UN or other multilateral organisations don't seem able to find a solution.
  3. Humanities seem to have lost its values and we allow wars and killings on the basis of defending or protecting national interests of a particular state or regions as justifications for carrying our so called goals for achieving peace and security
  4. We are in a state of paralysis from getting rid of extremism's and intolerance though we have made voluminous pronouncements, statements and resolutions as well as international treaties and conventions.
  5. We are leaving genocides or dangerous signs of genocides unabated in many parts of the world for fear of interfering with sovereignty of nation states or intervention in its domestic affairs.
  6. Major powers have differing national interests in the contestation for influence in the geo-economic and geo-strategic spheres..
  7. We are are carrying out selective or discriminatory policies in performing our functions to sustain international order.
  8. I am lost for words and ideas why something is not done to bring about a better world for the future generation be it in economics, societal, security, political, environment and human rights for the cause of justice and humanities.
FBSHApost@27 September 2015

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