Monday, October 19, 2015


I think people are becoming less and less loyal to a cause or to a struggle. It looks as if we are more and more concerned in our ambition or short term objectives. In sum it looks as if we are more concerned with what we have decided rather than looking at the overall effects or outcomes on the nation...That's why we see more and more people talk about humanity but less and less care about humanity... Today we have fifty million refugees all over the world and we have more people living in poverty and hunger. A lot of rich countries and still plenty of space to accommodate people yet we are unwilling to change the demography of our individual country. Often we are selfish... We have many conferences and seminars held in expensive places. We shed our tears and express our sympathies but the problems are going to go on as we are not taking actions against those responsible for creating the conditions... No love and forgiveness....

FBSHApost@15 Oktober 2015

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