Monday, October 19, 2015


In the eyes of Allah what distinguishes one person to another is his piety and deeds, not his wealth, status and birth. This is stated in the Al Quran in order to command human to be humble and not arrogant. This is of course easier said than done and yet it has to be done. Too often we forget this command and mistreated the poor, or person of lower status due to birth or station in life. Often we address other people in the most disparaging way just because we are not in the same social circle or status. These may be our underlings or workers. We should never force or command respect from others if we don't know how to respect others in reciprocal way. We must seek forgiveness from Almighty for any shortcoming in words, conduct or behaviour. My Ustaz mentioned in his morning sermons before you preach others to do what is right you must make sure you do right first. In English the saying goes practice what you preach..
FBSHApost@17 October 2015

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