Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FBSHApost@10 December 2016: Muslims' Life in Myanmar, Natural Disaster in Aceh and the Fate of the Muslims of the World

Saturday is another day and many happenings and incidents around the world. The sad ones are mostly affecting Muslims and Muslim countries. In the Muslim countries the armed conflicts among themselves often until total destruction but all these occurred and continues because of major powers national interests. The victims are the people. 

In Myanmar they are continuing the historical legacy of Muslim hatred and massacres. We just need to read and research the history of Myanmar from earlier times. It is not because of Rohingya being illegal Bengalis. It is in the psyche of the Myanmar Buddhists to segregate and discriminate Muslims. The monks further incite and exacerbate the legitimacy of killings Muslims. ASSK has often demonstrated how she does not consider Muslims as fellow human beings that can share the same sun or moon in Myanmar. 

Life of Muslims in Myanmar is worthless seeing the brutality & the wanton execution of Muslims. My worldview of Buddhism has completely changed as a result of what I saw. When I read and hear the narration of hatred and violence the hypocrisy is nauseating. Unfortunately Muslim countries within the region & the international community were slow to act which allowed the so called Democratic government of Myanmar to act with impunity without any sense of remorse or guilt.The allegation of ethnic cleansing has not been disproved. Malaysia has now begun to shift its FP from non-interference to that of acting within the international law, norms and values.

In Aceh we witness the natural disaster revisit the country again..very sad and heart wrenching. May Allah bless their souls. The living InsyaAllah would have patience & perseverance.

The pictures of Muslim sufferings are continuous globally. I am not going to be apologetic. Thus we need to look at ourselves and see where have we gone wrong. According to the UN there are 60 million refugees worldwide and 50% are Muslims.

As far the Muslims we are now witnessing the end of multiculturalism. People want to be pure and don't want to share with us. With it the increase of Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism & ethno religious nationalism, the irony of it all, it is only the Muslims who.are branded as extremists & terrorists. The acts of violence committed by others are only given the label of crimes or deranged individuals. 

This is the Muslim fate unless we wake up from the slumber. We need to live with respect and dignity like other homo-sapiens.

FBSHApost@10 December 2016

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