Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FBSHApost@18 December 2016: Let's Stop these Crimes against Humanity

Today we are witnessing holocausts in Myanmar and Aleppo, Syria. The call "never again" seems to land on deaf ears and blind eyes. It involves major powers, geopolitical considerations, national interests or the international order do not care anymore about humanity. It's just the issue of what to be gained. We are bogged down by process and procedures and perpetrators of crimes against humanity would use lies and fabrications to justify their actions. 

Unfortunately due to convergent of interests they can get away scot free. Anyway there is the bogey of Islamophobia and terrorism. We forgot the stories of the people of Aad or Thamud or the Pharaoh with their high civilizations, wealth and power they became proud and arrogant. They forgot there is a power beyond them. They were ultimately destroyed by God, leaving only signs of their past glories for the current generations to learn but then we don't seem to have long memories. We can stop all these wrongdoings with political will if we want to and let humanity guide us.

FBSHApost@18 December 2016

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