Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FBSHApost@25 December 2016: People in Life

In our lives and activities we learn much about people and our environment. These can be termed as our real life experiences. From here we gain knowledge and get impressions on life and people. Some are pleasant, some can be bitter. But life goes on until we are called to meet our Maker and finally awakened to be judged on our deeds or misdeeds on the temporal earth. While living we meet and see all kinds of people with different behaviours and characters. 

These experiences have to be managed with perseverance and patience. There are people who are nice and kind no matter what their status and position in life are. No less you will meet people who change due to position, status and wealth. There are those who are nice and pleasant when they have nothing and no friends. As soon as their status or wealth change they change with it. As soon as these happen they may no longer know you or want to be associated with you or to be seen with you. 

Don't be disappointed just get use to these realities. I have in my journey of life observed and at times went through that experience. It may come as a shock but that's a fact we must accept. Let not your expectations make you feel disillusioned or depressed. Find new ground and new friends. Sign off as these are not your true friends. Let it pass.

FBSHApost@25 December 2016

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