Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FBSHApost@7 December 2016: The Most Persecuted People in the World

Myanmar is a complex country underpinned by history of deep gap and divide in the political, economic and social milieus of its diverse society. It started experimenting with democracy in 2011 when the military leaders took off their uniforms to wear civilian attire. In 2015, Myanmar held its first democratic general election in its transition to democracy to elect a civilian government even though the Muslims were totally excluded. With landslide majority won by the NLD led by Aung San Suu Kyi, people held high expectations for change. However, the dominance of the majority Burman Buddhists over the many minorities in the country, and the agenda of making Myanmar a purist Buddhist state have caused atrocious violation of the basic human rights for ethnic and religious minorities in Myanmar, which carried spill over effects to neighboring countries. 

The 2012 communal riots involving the Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya in Arakan state has resulted in displacement and segregation of entire communities apart from hundreds of people killed and properties being razed to the ground. The narration of terrorism and illegals do not give the government and military the right to use disproportionate force, torture, kill, or rape of innocent civilians. Every person under international law has the right to be protected. The violations of human rights, killings and discrimination of ethnic Rohingya because of the of race, religion and culture are not acceptable or justifiable on any counts. The mass displacement of an entire population of almost 150,0000 persons who are placed into camps for Internally Displaced People with deplorable condition is also contrary to international law. The Rohingya are faced with denial of citizenship, forced displacement, forced labour, religious persecution and marriage restrictions and population control by their government. 

Myanmar is alleged to have acted contrary to international law and violated all accepted norms and values of human rights as well as the UN Charter and UN Convention on Genocide. OIC, as a cooperative multilateral organization is interested to see justice being done on the basis of humanity, dialogue and coexistence in a multicultural environment. The international community is calling for Myanmar to end the persecution and human rights abuses and work towards a peaceful resolution of the humanitarian crisis. The ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses in Myanmar cannot be ignored or justified on the basis of non-interference. These problems should be brought to an end. Respect and rights be accordingly accorded to their own people. 

FBSHApost@7 December 2016

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