Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FBSHApost@19 December 2016: POEM #6/2016

My mind my body my soul cry
The questions of why and why
The innocents have to die
Human beings want to control land and sky
Destruction destruction everywhere 

Want of care, kill and kill at will 
With absolute precision and skill
Thousands perish inhumanly 
Do we feel the sorrows of the family
If any survive to see
The flesh and blood splattered 
Ground, earth, river and sea contain the stories
Of those people who can't tell
Where has mercy and compassion 
Lust governs the human fear
They are better and superior than others
They can't be there side by side
Madness engulfed without sadness
Shouting sovereignty a license to kill freely
Blind and deaf to call for help
Paralysis of the process 
No right for access
Narration of lies and hypocrisy 
Made the world unable to see
The seas, rivers and land
Contains the myth of the human race
To uphold law and justice 
Human beings without care and feelings
Rule the world with weapons and guns
To subjugate and oppress
In the name right and purity 
To establish their throne of humanity without 
The community based on rule of law
Shout, observe and see 
This is the narration of human cruelty without justice nor humanity
Statelessness, denial and absence of identity
For everyone to see
Nothing can happen cause perpetrator strong and mighty

Damansara Heights
KL. 19/12/16

This was just written without grammar or comprehension but based on words that came from the heart.

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