Monday, December 5, 2016

FBSHApost@2 December 2016: POEM #4/2016

The silence was so haunting 
Only the soft cold wind is listening 
The rustling sound of the grass blowing
Human beings void of caring
Without feelings 
Happy smiling watching
The killings and sufferings
Overpowering the meek and weak
Without sound to protest & speak
The sky and the earth mourn
The guns and the knives pierced the victims
These intoxicated the thirsty
As the blood splashed
Proud the beast think it is victory
When it is the corruption of mind & body
Without shame hate & vengeance can be
The women, child and the aged
Life taken without mercy
They are taken by the saffron mighty
Robbed of respect and dignity
Those who preached purity
No Muslims & no Rohingya
Can live no stand with justice or equality
They consider them base and dirty
The villages and fields are all burning
What denying
Killing the body but the soul will continue living
Observing the saffron and together those with guns
Today they are happy smiling
Ego and lust fulfilled
The world has no will
They continue and continue
Without shame or guilt
We can only cry & pray
For the Almighty to have mercy
Facing the beast clothes in human body
Thirsty for Muslim and nay with no sense of pity
The beast in human body shouting loudly
Overjoyed with their own brutality triumphantly
Maybe a savior will appear
only hope & pray.

FBSHApost@2 December 2016

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