Tuesday, December 27, 2016

FBSHApost@23 December 2016: Malaysia Singapore High Speed Rail Project

Malaysia/Singapore bilateral relations have never been better since Najib. The comfort level and chemistry between the two leaders are close and intimate which made everything possible. However, the relationship of Najib with Singapore is not new but has always been since his days as a Minister beginning as a Minister of Defense. The collaboration or the defense arrangement under eye in the sky where both countries use each other's military assets to guard & secure the Straits of Malacca is another example. 

The recent example being the exchange of land of the long outstanding issues of the KTM land. In return, both parties undertook an iconic joint development project at the Marina Bay. Najib creates an environment of confidence with Hsien Long on the basis of economic diplomacy. The latest signing of the Bilateral Agreement for the HSR brings the cooperation to a higher height. 

This HSR diplomacy described as game changer by the PMs of both countries have managed to overcome many previous difficult and thorny issues which could have derailed the project. The two leaders consider the signing of the Agreement as a win-win situation which would take off soon. Maybe now is the time for the MyHSR to explain and share with the Malaysian public more details on the win-win diplomacy. 

Don't leave it to speculation.

FBSHApost@23 December 2016

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