Tuesday, December 20, 2016

FBSHApost@9 December 2016: Life on this earth is but a temporary abode

Life on this earth is but a temporary abode & ultimately we will be called to meet our Maker. It's so fast or just a fleeting moment so to say. Before we know it we are gone. We would wake up again to meet our Maker on the day of judgement. No better justice than the final one. At times we think we are better than others or think we are more superior or knowledgeable than others. We don't mind to think lowly of other people's way as if we are perfect. Often we ridicule or criticize others on the basis of their ancestry, race, religion or culture. Money, position, status or power make us feel as if it is permanent and we may even think none can defeat us. These make us arrogant to the extreme. We demand or command to be respected. Often we forget ourselves or in a state of denial on the good others have rendered unto us. Allah save us because whatever we are or have are his.

FBSHApost@9 December 2016

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