Friday, February 12, 2016

FBSHApost@1 February 2016: Role of the Attorney General

The Attorney General has the role as stipulated in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, similar to those in other Commonwealth jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, the AG has executive power and is a member of the Cabinet. 

Currently in Malaysia he is not a member of the Administration, but the Chief Legal Advisor of the Government and Head of the AG Chambers and has the overall responsibility as the Public Prosecutor in all criminal matters to be prosecuted in the Courts of Law. In the exercise of this function he must act independently and in the public interest. His power of discretion is very wide and broad. However, when exercising his discretion he must always be guided by public interest. He should not give advise on policy matters involving political issues in order not to compromise his independence and impartiality as the Principal Legal Advisor of the government.

FBSHApost@1 February 2016

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